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The Surprising Reason You Have Uneven Skin Texture + How To Deal

Skin texture is normal, but this cause isn't talked about enough.

Hannah Frye
February 26

5 Common Things That Cause Dry Skin Around The Mouth + How To Deal

Rest assured, there are many things you can do at home to hydrate thirsty skin around the mouth and prevent it from coming back again and again.

Hannah Frye
December 15 2022

This Is The First Thing A Neuroscientist Checks When Patients Have Brain Fog

She sees plenty of patients looking to cut through the mental noise and feel sharp once again.

Jamie Schneider
May 28 2021

This Is *The* Best Oil Mask For Dry Hair, In Case You're Curious

When it comes to hydrating treatments, you want something that truly puts in the work.

Jamie Schneider
April 28 2021

How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking? (Spoiler: 8 Glasses Is A Myth)

Here's a better way to calculate your daily hydration quota, and how to tell if you're drinking enough.

Jamie Schneider
March 2 2021

Why You May Be More Dehydrated During Winter, From A Functional MD

Even if you aren't sweating buckets, that doesn't mean you aren't losing water.

Jamie Schneider
February 20 2021