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Why Clearing Household Clutter Is A Chance For Emotional Growth

Whenever I encounter a home or a whole life that is entrenched in clutter, I feel very excited.

Dana Claudat
December 8 2014

10 Simple Steps To Clear Your Clutter

As we start to move into the colder months, we begin to spend more time indoors. The idea of more time inside might be hard to accept if you enjoy the...

Christa O'Leary
November 3 2014

Why Clearing Clutter Is So Hard (And How To Do It Anyway)

Clutter is not a term used in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. Clutter is: junk, paperwork, insane amounts of furniture, stuffed drawers,...

Dana Claudat
September 17 2014

Are You Actually Stressed, Or Are You Just Cluttered? A Feng Shui Guide

Disorganization is a stealthy problem sometimes. It can stay quietly hidden in your life until it becomes a crisis.

Dana Claudat
March 27 2014

10 Reasons To Stop What You're Doing & Start Clearing Your Clutter

Collecting and being consumed by clutter on a grand scale is a relatively modern concept. Our ancient ancestors didn’t have a supermarket at nearly...

Dana Claudat
November 13 2013

7 Ways To Unlock Your Potential By Clearing Clutter

Clutter creates stagnant energy that keeps you trapped in every way imaginable.

Jayme Barrett
March 28 2013