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Yes, Men Can Get Emotional After Sex Too

It's called post-coital dysphoria, and it can affect people of all genders.

Kelly Gonsalves
February 26 2019

This Is What Actually Turns Women On, According To Science

Hint: It has nothing to do with a toned bod.

Kelly Gonsalves
February 21 2019

4 Ways To Redesign Your Home For A Happier Relationship

Yes, your home can affect your relationship. Here's how.

Kelly Gonsalves
February 20 2019

Here's How To Actually Let Go Of Relationship Baggage

According to psychologists and couples therapists.

Kathleen Wong
February 19 2019

The Secret To Keeping Sexual Desire Alive In Your Relationship (According To The World's Top Relationship Expert)

Remember that electric moment when you were standing in a crowded party and made eye contact with an attractive stranger across the room?

Kelly Gonsalves
February 14 2019

Forget Compatibility — This Is What Lasting Relationships Have In Common

This is the key to higher relationship satisfaction, according to research.

Elizabeth Gerson
February 12 2019

A Couples' Guide To Having Healthy Expectations Around Valentine's Day

Hoping for a big surprise? Stop right there and read this.

Jessa Zimmerman, M.A.
February 11 2019

Half Of People On Dating Apps Are Looking For THIS

More people want something serious than you think.

Madison Vanderberg
February 10 2019

The Weird Link Between Sleep & Your Relationship History

Stressful relationships, even those in your past, may affect your ability to fall asleep.

Kelly Gonsalves
February 6 2019