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2011 State-by-State Obesity Rankings

The 2011 state-by-state obesity rankings are out. Can you guess what the fattest and healthiest states are?

July 8 2011

The GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Waste Less

The average American produces 4 pounds of trash daily. Yikes.

July 6 2011

Happy 76th Birthday to the Dalai Lama!

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, celebrates his 76th birthday today. ABC reports that he'll be spending the day in Washington DC where thousands will...

July 6 2011

Hydration Nation (Infographic)

Did you know that the average American drank almost 45 gallons of soda in 2010? It shouldn't be much of a surprise given that Coke spent $267 million...

June 29 2011

Boosting Performance Through Plant-Based Whole Foods

Here's how to get more nutrients from a plant-based diet.

Brendan Brazier
June 28 2011

Carrie Underwood Goes From Vegetarian to Vegan

Is veganism the secret to her beauty?

June 24 2011

Liquid Yoga: Paddleboarding on the Hudson River

Walking north along the newly constructed park above Chelsea Piers, I peered across the Hudson River to spot something odd and rather epic. A swirl of...

Derek Beres
June 23 2011

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat with Non-toxic Ingredients

Doing yoga is supposed to be pleasant and calm-inducing, but if the mat you're practicing on is grimy and smelly it can be distracting and diminish...

Cori Morenberg
June 17 2011

LA Schools Ban Corn Dogs, Add More Vegetarian Options

Chalk one up on the scoreboard for Jamie Oliver. It appears that the LA school board's move to drop flavored milk in April is just the beginning of a...

June 16 2011

Whole Foods Parking Lot Rap Video

"It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods parkin lot."

June 14 2011

Why No Smoking in Public Parks Is a Great Thing

Last week an article appeared in the Huffington Post regarding the recent ban of musical performances in eight sections of Central Park. Famous areas,...

Derek Beres
June 14 2011

Yoga: Even Bears Do It!

Yoga is becoming so popular that even bears are getting in on the action (sans yoga mats). Meet Mikhail the bear, who gets his Boat pose on at...

June 10 2011

Suzanne Sterling on Haiti

Suzanne Sterling is one of the founders of the incredible non-profit organization, Off the Mat, Into the World®. One of the many things that I love...

Jason Wachob
June 6 2011

Go See the Documentary Film I AM

What's the new science about interconnection?

Jason Wachob
May 27 2011

Connecting to the Earth

When was the last time you looked at the sky? Or touched the earth with your bare hand?

Tamar Samir
May 27 2011