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10 Things We Can All Learn From Bali

If God is everywhere in India, then everywhere in Bali is sacred. Every corner houses a shrine, the civic statues depict Krishna and Arjuna in their...

Nadine Fawell
December 8 2011

CSI's Jorja Fox for PETA: Investigate Vegetarianism

PETA tends to put out attention-grabbing ads which often have celebrities posing naked, however, their latest ad, featuring CSI star, Jorja Fox, is a...

November 9 2011

78% of American Families Buy Organic Foods

78 percent of American families are now choosing to buy organic foods, and four in ten families are buying more organic products than they did a year...

November 7 2011

How a Yogi Occupies

The involvement of yoga practitioners in the #Occupy movement has been somewhat controversial to date. There are people that say yoga can't be...

Hala Khouri
October 31 2011

Before and After Photos: A Month of Meditation

Don't think that meditation can make an observable difference in your life and appearance? This series of photos that Peter Seidler took before and...

October 28 2011

Can Yoga & Meditation Bring Peace to Afghanistan?

I think we'd all agree that Afghanistan is a country that's in dire need of peace. Could yoga and meditation be part of the solution?

October 26 2011

A Look into Urban, Suburban and Rural Yoga Culture

Ages ago yoga was only available to a select few. Now, modern day culture and lifestyle has not only embraced yoga, it is responsible for the...

Jill Lawson
October 25 2011

Full-Figured Yoga Class in Harlem

We love the instructor's philosophy.

October 21 2011

Yoga for... Bachelorette Parties?!

Apparently bottle service and club-hopping are being replaced by Downward Dogs and core work as fitness-themed bachelorette parties are the hottest...

October 20 2011

Radiant Resonances: Wake Up to Your Dreams

I like to keep things fresh: sharp mind, clean laundry, crisp produce. Stimulating new experiences. The first (and, admittedly, only) time I watched...

Margrét Ann Crone
October 19 2011

More Companies Embracing Yoga

"I work hard, but I believe in balance. I've been practicing yoga for 13 years, and I teach it. Yoga is about simplicity and focus, and it contributes...

October 16 2011

Deepak Chopra Meditation at Occupy Wall Street

The spiritual leader held a group meditation that emphasized love and compassion—not anger and fear.

October 5 2011

Body Image Parable Goes Viral: Mermaid or Whale?

The parable below, which is a commentary on body image, has gone viral on Facebook. What do you think?

October 5 2011

Michelangelo's David: Before and After McDonald's

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words... and this funny one of Michelangelo's famous David sculpture, before and after McDonald's, says a...

October 3 2011

Elena Brower Leads 3,000 Yogis at Eiffel Tower

Metro France reports that more than 3,000 yogis came out to practice yesterday at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris with our friend, Elena Brower!...

October 3 2011

Radiant Resonances: Oh, Inverted World*

The scene: Dozens of beautiful yogis folded forward in uttanasana, a sweet, salty sweat building after a few rounds of Surya Namaskar A. They're...

Margrét Ann Crone
September 28 2011