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5 Things Yoga Has Taught Me in My 20s

As a 20-something yoga student, instructor, and enthusiast, a recent college graduate, and soon-to-be graduate student, I can confidently say I still...

Francesca Budesheim
June 23 2012

What Does 'Beauty' Mean to You?

Beauty can mean different things to different people and can cause many conflicts. There is the fear, for example, of not being quite “right”, not...

Susan Dellanzo
June 15 2012

How This Party Girl Met Yoga

It was 1977 when it all stated for me. Donna Summer and the Bee Gees ruled the airways. It was all things disco, which kept my feet happy and threw an...

Dana Flynn
June 14 2012

Barbie Gets Her Yoga On

Yoga has become so popular with kids that even Barbie is practicing?! Target just launched this line of Barbie 'yoga teacher' dolls as part of...

June 12 2012

How I Lost My Mind... And Found It Again

The first time I became truly aware that I’d misplaced my mind was about 6 years ago.

Kim Shand
June 8 2012

Are You Addicted to Like?

The real question is this: Where can you be honest with yourself? Where can you be the most honest you that you have ever been?

Jennifer Pastiloff
June 6 2012

Where Would You Go and Why?

For one heady moment, imagine traveling anywhere in the world you have always wanted to visit. Imagine having unlimited resources and the time to stay...

Julie Hoyle
June 4 2012

Breastfeeding & Craziness on a Plane

This past month, I’ve written about our society’s breast fetish and the innocuous act of breastfeeding here and here. I wrote those pieces as an...

Chris Webb
June 4 2012

Disconnecting With Nature: A Lion Roams Santa Monica

It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen downtown Santa Monica roped off with dozens of police officers milling about. Many circumstances create the...

Derek Beres
June 1 2012

5 Inspirational Summer Movie Rentals

Summer movie season often brings several fun, action packed, blockbuster movies for us to see. While you shouldn’t miss those, you may find yourself...

NYC's Mayor Bloomberg to Ban Big Sugary Drinks

Did you know that more than half of adults living in New York City are obese?! Mayor Bloomberg is taking action, as he plans to ban the sale of large...

Jason Wachob
May 31 2012

That Long Commute Is Killing You

We all know that biking to work is a better, healthier way to commute, but now a study shows there is a link between longer commutes, higher blood...

May 31 2012

5 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Europeans

Besides learning to be extremely cool, the most important lessons we can learn from the Europeans are how to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Michelle Brunetti
May 30 2012

Real-Life Manifestations From Wayne Dyer, Christy Turlington, Krista Allen & More!

I have a series called The Manifestation Q&A Series on my blog where I interview inspiring people from all over the globe who are manifesting their...

Jennifer Pastiloff
May 30 2012

How Yoga Helped Me Embrace My Body

Growing up as a female in America can be so hard. It starts in middle school when your body starts to change and its the first time in your life you...

Melissa Holland
May 23 2012

Yoga on the Streets of Dumbo, Brooklyn

I absolutely love Brooklyn -- especially the neighborhood of Dumbo. I live here, work here, and even got married here. I also love art and yoga. So...

Jason Wachob
May 23 2012

8 Ways to Make Your Yoga Studio Green Without Spending

I love the idea of going green, saving our planet and making this world a cleaner place, but not when it cost me more “green” ($) than I can afford to...

Hope Zvara
May 21 2012

Anatomy of a Healthy Workplace (Infographic)

You might not have yoga at your office, but there are still some simple things that every workplace can do to make work a bit healthier. Check out the...

May 18 2012

3 Ways Healthy Can Be Unhealthy

Healthy is good, right? Eating healthy food, making positive food choices and striving to have the best possible diet for one's overall health and...

Rosanna Gordon
May 17 2012