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Sage Business Advice For Entrepreneurs From The Former CEO Of Coach

It's valuable advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business.

October 9 2016

The Spiritual Awakening I Could Never Have Predicted + How It Changed My Life

"It was a moment of profound grace — a great gift that comes unexpectedly from spirit when we are ready for it."

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
September 29 2016

Your 6-Step Plan To Get In A Creative Mindset

Both yoga and creativity are a practice, and having some tools in the back pocket to help when we need a lift (literal and metaphorical) can be...

Sara Quiriconi
September 12 2016

6 Yoga Poses To Give You More Energy & Ignite Your Creativity

You're about to get super in touch with your emotions.

Julia Bartz
August 16 2016

5 Easy Ways To Inspire Creativity + Stop Burnout In Its Tracks

You'll be surprised how much joy and inspiration you'll find right in front of you—if you just slow down enough to see it.

Amanda Christina
July 28 2016

The Crucial Element To Creative Achievement You're Probably Neglecting

"People often don't see that a lack of progress in their creative life comes from an unwillingness to acknowledge their daily concerns. They think...

Kait Fowlie
June 29 2016

How To Shut Down Your Ego + Tap Into The Immensity Of Your Potential

In this moment, he was experiencing what the Stoics would call sympatheia —a connectedness with the cosmos. The French philosopher Pierre Hadot has...

Ryan Holiday
June 13 2016

It's The Taurus New Moon! 8 Ways To Reap Its Creativity-Boosting Benefits

Mark your calendar, as this is the day for manifesting the intentions and wishes you set now. Here are some tips to maximize the power of the Taurus...

The AstroTwins
May 6 2016

A Surprising Change That Unlocked My Creative Potential

​As an artist, I always thought it was sexy to self-destruct. Artists in history have often chosen this route because there is a price for creation....

Biet Simkin
May 5 2016

5 Ways To Reawaken Your Creativity This Spring

Love the process of creating. Love the fact that you will only be a beginner in this exact way once. Love the process, which is rarely linear but is...

Courtney Sunday
April 14 2016

New Study Says Boredom Could Be Good For Your Relationship

Your boredom could be telling you something important about your relationship.

Emi Boscamp
February 24 2016

5 Essential Steps To Reveal Your Authentic Self & Rock Your Relationship

Acknowledge the right and good within you, then share it courageously with others.

Daniel Dowling
February 22 2016

These Beautiful Photos Portray Wildlife Like You've Never Seen It Before

Consider these incredible shots from photographer Will Burrard-Lucas your backstage pass to the animal kingdom.

February 16 2016

How To Tap Into Your Creativity (Even If You Think You Don’t Have Any)

Creativity is a skill that you can build over time. Use these five tips on flexing your creative muscles the next time you pick up a pencil, buy some...

Josh Barad
February 13 2016

A Primer On Healing Crystals: 11 You Should Know (Infographic)

Think of crystals, and stereotypical images come to mind: the silver-ring-adorned elder hippie, the iconic Alex Gray chakra chart, or perhaps a...

Celestine Maddy
January 23 2016

6 Daily Self-Care Rituals For Highly Sensitive People

Do you often feel vulnerable to the external world? Do large crowds, excessive talking, strong smells, or people in general get under your skin? Or...

Amanda Kryska
January 14 2016

5 Reasons Why Artists Should Meditate

If you’re a meditator, there’s a good chance that you come to the cushion every day because it’s good for your health or because it makes you feel...

Carolyn Gregoire
December 30 2015

How To Finally Finish That Creative Project You Started

I don’t know of any creative person, no matter how successful or prolific, who hasn't experienced some kind of creative block.

Edward Vilga
November 26 2015
PAID CONTENT FOR Daria Song, author of The Time Garden and The Time Chamber

5 Reasons To Give In To The Adult Coloring Book Trend

The adult coloring book craze is an international phenomenon sweeping the front tables of bookstores everywhere. Wonder what all the fuss is about?...

October 15 2015