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A Holistic Secret To Glowing, Healthy Skin

Meditation is good for you, but did you know how good it is for your skin for your skin? A little-known side effect of meditation is an acceleration...

Kathryn Remati
April 15 2015

3 Herbal Recipes For Radiant Skin & Hair

Did you know everyday kitchen essentials like rosemary, sea salt, cilantro and avocado are perfect for DIY beauty products? Avocado and almond oil are...

Amie Valpone
April 3 2015

10 Ingredients You Need To Eliminate From Your Beauty Routine ASAP

Why do we know so little about the ingredients we put on our skin every single day? That's the question I've been asking myself for the last ten...

Jessica Assaf
April 2 2015

3 DIY Herbal Deodorants That Definitely Don't Stink

A great, gentle, delicious-smelling all-natural deodorant is the holy grail of green beauty gets. So instead of wasting your time and money searching...

Pip Waller
March 30 2015
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5 Healthy Ways To Glow In The New Year

Had a blast over the holidays? Couldn't wait for it to be over? Whatever the case, it's a crazy time of year, and you (like the rest of us) probably...

January 14 2015

69-Year-Old Helen Mirren Will Be The New Face Of L'Oréal Paris

It seems like the beauty industry is (finally) starting to embrace natural aging instead of trying to combat it: L'Oréal Paris has named Helen Mirren,...

Emi Boscamp
October 29 2014

How To Transition To A Natural Skin Care Routine

"Going green." "Natural living." "You are what you eat."

Melanie Mueller
October 23 2014

How To Naturally Enhance Your Beauty: A Dermatologist Explains

As a board certified dermatologist and psychiatrist, I see countless patients in my New York City practice asking how they can be more beautiful....

Dr. Amy Wechsler
July 24 2014

Why Beauty Products Are Toxic & What You Can Do About It

When it comes to the products you put on your body, skin, or hair, one thing's for sure: most companies that makes those products don't have your...

July 16 2014

Tyra Banks' Creepy Vision Of Beauty In The Future

When you look into the future, what do you see? Well, if you’re Tyra Banks, you see a world where getting “plastic surgery will be as easy and quick...

July 9 2014

5 Natural Tips For Clear, Healthy Skin

I spent my adolescence plagued with acne. I expected it to disappear as I got older, but I didn't. I was using topical antibiotics well into my 20s...

Alison Ottaway
June 14 2014

My Favorite Vitamin Cures For Gorgeous Summer Skin

In my work as a nutritionist specializing in vitamin cures, I often talk to people who are unhappy with their skin. Adult acne, extremely dry skin, a...

7 Hard Truths Everyone Needs To Know About Their Beauty Products

Have you ever found yourself browsing the beauty section of a natural store all excited to start using healthier products, but you ended up feeling...

Kristen Arnett
June 3 2014

How To Detox Your Entire Life

Being holistic is a lifestyle. It’s not just about eating organic food and being a yogi. It’s about looking at your whole life, from your food to your...

Hayley Hobson
May 23 2014

4 Skin Care Ingredients You Should Avoid At All Costs

Pop Quiz: What is the largest organ in the human body? Answer: Skin.

Greta Eagan
April 22 2014

Eat Pretty: 5 Ways Diet Can Give You An All-Natural Glow

Whether we want to be more conscious of our environmental impact, get ready more efficiently in the morning, reduce the amount of chemicals we put on...

Drew Parisi
March 24 2014

19 Toxins To Avoid In Common Beauty Products

If you're trying to buy non-toxic personal care products, navigating store aisles can be difficult. That's why Environmental Working Group researchers...

Environmental Working Group
November 21 2013

DIY: Make Your Own Natural Hand Sanitizer

One of my all-time favorite messages for families is: Go to your kitchen cabinet before your medicine cabinet.

Lawrence Rosen, M.D.
July 23 2013