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Halloween Makeup Made My Son Vomit. Here's What I Didn't Know

Walk through the Halloween aisle at your local store and you'll see piles of makeup kits. Our advice? Keep walking.

Margot White
October 22 2015

Watch How Much Makeup Trends Have Evolved Throughout History

Renowned makeup artist and uber-popular YouTuber Lisa Eldridge has just released her first book, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup. The book explores...

Allie White
October 21 2015

The Simple Halloween Tradition That's Shockingly Toxic (It's Not The Candy)

Everyone loves Halloween. It's a holiday all about fantasy and having fun. Transforming yourself into whatever character you wish is exciting. But...

Paige Padgett
October 19 2015

The Soap That Will Change Your Skin Forever

Welcome to the inaugural edition of mbg's new beauty feature, "Product Of The Week." Just like the name suggests, we'll spotlight one product every...

Allie White
October 18 2015

I Went On A Beauty Product Purge & It Cleared Up My Skin. Here's What's Left In My Bathroom

Eight years ago, I found myself in a period of multifaceted transition. I'd just exited a long-term relationship, left a toxic job, and had three of...

Ashlee Piper
October 13 2015

7 Easy Steps To Use Non-Toxic Makeup For A Sexy Night-Out Look

Nothing says "classic" like a bold red lip and flirty winged eye liner. And now that we don't have to worry about makeup melting off our face in the...

Kristen Arnett
October 2 2015

The 80/20 Rule: What It Is + Why You Should Apply It To Your Beauty Routine

Even with a strict nutritional diet, everyone needs a cheat day or a favorite cheat food. Ice cream, anyone? That’s my kryptonite. Cheating once in a...

Paige Padgett
September 30 2015

The 9 Best "5-Free" Nail Polish Hues For Fall

As a September baby, I'm partial to all things autumn. School supply shopping, football, coats that are warm but not too warm. And, of course, fall...

Allie White
September 28 2015

9 Better-For-You Beauty Products You Can Find At Trader Joe's (Under $12)

It's rare that a week goes by without me making at least one stop at Trader Joe's. Sure, the checkout lines are long, often wrapping all the way...

Allie White
September 24 2015

5 Rules To Follow When Shopping For Green Beauty Products

Here are some simple rules for reading ingredient labels:

Paige Padgett
September 23 2015

The Ingredient You Should Avoid In Your Soap, Toothpaste & Skin Care Products

It's official: Plastic microbeads in skin-care and beauty products are definitely bad for the environment. They're the tiny particles used in many...

June-wei Sum
September 20 2015

5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Look Like You've Had The Best Sleep Of Your Life

Have you been partying like a rock star or moonlighting and burning the candle at both ends? If so, you are in good company. We have all been there....

Paige Padgett
September 15 2015

5 Green Beauty Myths It's Time To Get Over

Over the years, I’ve heard all the misconceptions and reasons why women don’t or won’t try to use green cosmetics. Let’s take a look at the five...

Paige Padgett
September 8 2015

How Green Is Your Green Beauty Product, Really?

So you’re on the green beauty bandwagon! Congratulations! Now that you've done your research and know which ingredients to avoid in personal care...

Margot White
August 28 2015

5 Reasons To Choose Fertility-Friendly Skin Care

When it comes to fertility, what we put on our body is just as important as what we put inside it. Choosing toxin-free skin care that's “edible” (i.e....

Anna Mitsios, N.D.
August 25 2015

Make Your Own Nontoxic Mascara! (It's Surprisingly Simple)

Have you checked the ingredients in your mascara lately? If it's a conventional brand, it most likely contains harsh chemical ingredients, including...

Liana Werner-Gray
August 24 2015

"5-Free" Nail Polish: What It Is + Why You Should Care

Even though I’m terrible at it, I love painting my nails. Nail polish is fun and a little special, which is why it's so unsettling to know about the...

Cardia Speziale
August 24 2015

4 Things To Expect When Making The Switch To Clean Beauty

You eat well, squeeze weekly workouts into your busy schedule and consider Friday a gateway to your well-balanced weekend. You're doing all the "right...

Ana Congdon
August 21 2015

Why Your Skin's Best Friend Is Mother Nature

The skin care industry is crowded with hype, hope and hordes of consumers constantly on the prowl for the next miracle product. As major conventional...

Amy Beckwith
August 21 2015

5 Products I Can't Live Without (From A Green Beauty Expert)

Editor's Note: Jean Seo, founder of LA-based natural beauty and skin care mecca Evolué Beauty, was a guest at this year's revitalize event and gave us...

Jean Seo
August 14 2015