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Letter From Albert Einstein To Marie Curie Tells Her To Ignore The Trolls

Albert Einstein shouldn't just be known for his giant brain — but for his enormous heart, too.

Emi Boscamp
December 8 2014

People Were Made To Be Kind, Science Says (Video)

If the fact that it's Friday wasn't enough good news for you, then you're in luck. Drum roll, please ... People aren't innately selfish, power-hungry...

Emi Boscamp
December 5 2014

Study Says Most People Prefer Losing Money To Hurting A Stranger

If you needed your faith in humanity restored today, there's good news: A new study found that people would rather lose money than inflict pain on...

Emi Boscamp
November 18 2014

How Practicing Self-Compassion Can Lead To Enlightenment

Self-compassion allows you to meet life with an open-heartedness, and a tolerance that allows you to fully enjoy your successes and better manage the...

Polly Campbell
November 12 2014

How To Fight Fair With Your Partner

I want to clear something up. While I'm using the word "fight," I don't believe fighting is necessary in a healthy relationship. I do believe that...

Bess O'Connor
November 11 2014

The #1 Thing To Remember Before Comparing Yourself To Others

When I was in the second grade I learned an invaluable life lesson that I carry with me to this day. It all started with a "friend crush."

Dr. Leslie Carr
November 11 2014

The One Question You Need To Ask Before Yelling At Your Kids

As a student, practitioner and teacher of yoga, I try to live my life in a kind and thoughtful way. I try to tune into each moment in the present, and...

Shannon MacLaggan
November 5 2014

Why Spirituality Can Help You, Even If You're Not Spiritual

"We are all one" is a concept that nearly all great spiritual teachers share. I remember the first time I heard it — the teacher stood before me...

Jason Garner
October 28 2014

How To Become Your Own Best Friend

Some people say that happiness is best shared, but I believe the saying, "It's better to be alone than in bad company" fits more with my personal...

Marzena Bielecka
October 27 2014

3 Ways To Bring Compassion To The Dinner Table

There is no greater food than love. Humans thrive on it. Without a doubt, the heart is front and center in our lives. In fact, in Traditional Chinese...

This Is Why You Don't Make Healthy Choices

Many people feel that to keep their healthy habits consistent, they need to develop a strong sense of self-criticism — that inner voice telling...

September 30 2014

5 Horrible Things I Used To Say To Myself About My Chronic Illness

As a holistic life coach and licensed psychotherapist, I've witnessed hundreds of people, myself included, attack themselves with their own words of...

Jamie Rautenberg
September 22 2014

The ABCs of Creating Healthy Boundaries

Few things are as critical to your wellbeing as the ability to create boundaries when necessary. This comes in our familial and personal lives, and in...

Ally Hamilton
September 2 2014

6 Ways To Compassionately Support Someone With Depression

Depression is lonely. It's alienating and desolate. For those of us who've been in the throes of misery and despair, even loved ones can seem like...

Hannah Sentenac
August 18 2014

5 Practices To Help You Become The Person You Were Meant To Be

The journey of becoming who we were born to be never ends. It’s limitless, eternal. We don’t arrive — we grow. And to grow requires presence and...

Mark Nepo
August 18 2014

How To Access A Divine Perspective In The Face Of Extreme Pain

The golden key to finding true authenticity lies buried deep inside our own hearts, just waiting to be discovered. Many of us have no idea that this...

Julie Piatt
August 13 2014

7 Ways To Know If What You Feel Is Self-Love Or Selfish

I spent more than 20 years at war with myself. I hated who I saw in the mirror. I cycled through eating disorders and was diagnosed with clinical...

Shannon Kaiser
August 5 2014