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Why You Feel Either Trapped Or Abandoned In Relationships

Have you ever been in the type of relationship when one person moves forward while the other moves back

Shelly Bullard, MFT
November 13 2013

A Mini-Guide To Help You Become More Emotionally Savvy

Most of us don't have an easy time when it comes to feelings.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
November 1 2013

5 Ways To Stay Positive When Negative People Drain Your Energy

When the folks in our lives weigh us down and drain our energy, it can become a daily challenge to stay positive.

Rucha Tadwalkar
October 18 2013

A 5-Minute Meditation Everyone Should Do

I’m a spiritual medium; I communicate important messages and profound insights from the dead to the living, and the way I do this is by going within....

Rebecca Rosen
October 14 2013

Why You Should Never Apologize For Crying

I'm both surprised and saddened when a client starts to cry and then says, "I'm sorry." As crying is as much a part of life as the creek running...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
September 4 2013

Hey, You! You're Magnificent, And You Are Loved.

Human beings are amazing. We invent vehicles that can travel to the moon. We create beautiful gardens and multi-story buildings. We discover cures to...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
August 15 2013

How I've Dealt With Being Estranged From My Brother

If someone asked me a few years ago how my brother was doing, a lump would immediately form in my throat.

Laura McDonald
August 13 2013

How To Make Friends In Your Yoga Community

Sure, you know The Beatles song "Dear Prudence." But which of these facts about the song are true?

Partner Post
June 10 2013

How To Get What You Want (And Earn Karmic Bonus Points!)

As someone who strings words together for a living, I’m fascinated by the art of compassionate communication: writing (or speaking) in a way that...

Alexandra Franzen
June 7 2013

Can Cellphones Affect Your Heart Health? A Cardiologist Explains

Every time I perform an electrocardiogram (EKG), which measures changes in the heart's electric currents, I am reminded that our bodies are energetic...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
June 4 2013

One Skill That Will Improve ALL Your Relationships

Listening seems quite basic, which is why most people believe they are excellent at it. The skill is actually more complex and more important than...

Why It's Important To Speak Your Truth With Grace

“Our truths grow as we grow. If you’re looking at the trunk of an elephant, your truth might be that you see a wrinkly snake. As you see more of the...

Amber Shumake
April 19 2013

10 Ways To Speak With Purpose, Poise, Precision & Power

When you speak, there are infinite possibilities of what you could say.

April 2 2013

Why You Need To Stop Checking Your Phone All The Time

I just watched two of my fellow human beings walk across a busy Chicago street while lost in the world of their phones. Shortly after they sauntered...

Dani Marie Robinson
March 21 2013