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5 Rules I Use To Keep My Kids Safe Around Cellphones

I’ve worried about my children ever since the World Health Organization called cell phone radiation a “possible human carcinogen.” Studies show that...

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff
April 9 2015

How To Attract Someone Who Actually Wants Intimacy

In my past, I attracted unavailable men like flies to honey. Over and over, I found myself dating men who either disappeared when the relationship...

Heather Lynn Temple
April 7 2015

Stop Judging, Start Living! How To Become A Happy & Accepting Person

Not too long ago I wrote a MindBodyGreen post about questions to ask yourself if you want to strengthen your relationship. I was really excited for...

Dr. Patricia Thompson
April 7 2015

The Survival Handbook To Moving Back In With Your Parents

Trekking it back to mom and dad’s, are ya? Welcome to the club.

Leigh Jones
April 5 2015

5 Couples Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Relationship

The basic definition of yoga is yoke or union — the work of uniting your mind, body and spirit.

Sarah Barnes
March 30 2015

What To Tell Your Daughter When She Asks Why You Wear Makeup

I face the mirror with makeup brush in hand and my 4-month old daughter beside me. She sits in her favorite chair and watches me with a mixture of...

Hannah May Marshall
March 28 2015

How To Have (Good) Casual Sex

Times certainly have changed when it comes to sex. Today's modern sexuality is influenced by many factors which even 10 years ago just weren't...

Cyndi Darnell
March 27 2015

3 Things Mothers Need To Stop Saying In Front Of Their Daughters

For as long as I can remember, I have had an ongoing battle with the mirror. I distinctly recall dropping out of dance class while in elementary...

Wendy Bruno
March 26 2015

The Way You Make Other People Feel Could Be Built Into Your Personality

Picture your group of friends. There's one that you can rely on to ease your worries, one that always seems to stress you out, one that gets you...

Emi Boscamp
March 25 2015

14 Tips For Healthy Co-Parenting With Your Ex

As divorced parents, we all wonder how the divorce will impact our kids. Our job as parents, divorced or not, is to ensure that our kids have a happy,...

Patti O'Rourke
March 22 2015

This Is What It Really Means To Have Healthy Boundaries

Understanding the meaning of healthy boundaries (and learning to maintain them in your life) is simple. But not so easy.

Kelly Coffey
March 19 2015

7 Tricks To Stay Calm When Interacting With People You Don't Like

In a perfect world, each human we interacted with would be considerate, mindful, prompt, kind, generous and more. They'd get our jokes and we'd get...

Alexa Fischer
March 19 2015

Signs You're Making Sacrifices For All The Wrong Reasons

Were you told as a kid that self-sacrifice is noble? Many of us were, even if it was indirect. For one, our culture tends to think of directly...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
March 18 2015

5 Reasons Putting Yourself First Is The Opposite Of Selfish

There is a huge myth in our culture that it's time to shake up — the idea that putting yourself first is selfish.

Dr. Tracy Thomas
March 17 2015

5 Different Kinds Of Friends Everyone Should Have

Think of your five closest friends. Are they are very similar to each other? Or are they extremely different?

Jordana Jaffe
March 13 2015

How Facebook Helped Me Recover From An Eating Disorder

One year ago, I mage a statement on Facebook that would change my life. Status box open, fingers on the keyboard, I began deliberating how bad an idea...

Lindsey Hall
March 12 2015

How To Deal With Annoying People

We all have someone, or likely more than one person, who comes to mind when we think of "annoying people." For me, it's the complainers, the gossipers...

Kaia Roman
March 11 2015

Older Women Are More Sexual Than Most People Think. Here's Why

Our culture holds the misconception that as women age, our sexuality fades, if not disappears altogether. And there has long been an even more...

Gia Ravazzotti
March 11 2015

12 Ways To Radically Improve Your Relationship

Over the course of several years, my beloved husband and I transformed our lightning storm of a marriage into a harmonious partnership that sings in...

Dr. Naomi Pabst
March 10 2015