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How To Help Your Therapist Help You

You’ve mustered up the courage to say, “Something’s off in my life right now." You seek the assistance of a helping professional to get back on track,...

Amanda Bowers
May 7 2015

5 Lessons All Parents Could Learn From Buddhism

As Buddhism continues to increase in popularity in Western culture, certain principles have entered the discourse of how to be a better parent. The...

Krissy Pozatek, MSW
May 5 2015

What I Wish More People Understood About Polyamory

The same skills you need in a two-person relationship you need in a poly relationship.

Emma Dixon, PhD
May 1 2015

5 Signs You're A Helicopter Parent

While the idea of "helicopter parenting" was originally developed as a concept for parents with college-age students, it's also totally possible to be...

How To Know When You Should Text, Call, Or Talk In Person

How often do you think about the method you use to communicate? How often do you consciously decide to text someone rather than send an email? Or ask...

Neha Sangwan, M.D.
April 28 2015

Why Love Isn't About Finding The "Right" Person

All my life, no one told me what love really was. No one ever taught me what a relationship was supposed to be like. I had only two models.

Neil Strauss
April 27 2015

3 Steps To Heal From Infidelity

Infidelity is a tremendously painful thing, both for the person who was betrayed, and also for the person who cheated. Understandably, infidelity can...

Michelle Alva
April 27 2015

When Fighting With Your Partner Is A Good Thing

Nothing says more about the strength and resilience of a relationship than how the two people handle conflict with one another.

Amita Patel, LMSW
April 24 2015

10 Game-Changing Tips For Handling Tough Conversations

People often complain that no one communicates clearly, or enough, nowadays. But the truth is that there is plenty of communication — most of it is...

Lise Leblanc
April 23 2015

5 Things You Shouldn't Say To Someone With Depression

I've had depression for years, and have been in several situations where I've tried to exchange words with someone who clearly didn't understand how...

Kiesha Frue
April 21 2015

Why You Can't Be Real With Your Partner + How To Fix It

For years, I knew I had trouble communicating authentically in my relationships. But I had no idea what exactly was going on psychologically. Was I...

Tanner Kennedy
April 17 2015

7 Tips To Get Over Performance Anxiety & Speak Your Truth

My palms are sweating profusely. My stomach is making crazy noises and I couldn’t eat something right now if I forced myself. My heart is racing like...

Nitika Chopra
April 15 2015

6 Tips For Getting Along With Your In-Laws

It's no surprise that the tagline for TLC's newest reality show Surviving the In-Laws acknowledges this less-glamorous part of the marriage...

Hayley Hobson
April 15 2015

5 Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

Who better to query than two professionals who have witnessed hundreds of relationship successes and failures? We not only drew upon our...

Monica Parikh
April 14 2015

How To Fall In Love With Your Long-Term Partner All Over Again

In recent weeks, I've received emails from a number of readers asking me for advice about their lives. Since I write mostly about my own life, and...

Kaia Roman
April 13 2015

5 Ways To Rekindle The Spark With Your Partner After Having A Baby

Having a child with your partner is one of the most intense and intimate experiences you'll ever share together. And yet our culture tends to think of...

Dr. Parie Baharian
April 11 2015

10 Tips To Ease Your Dating Jitters

If you’re back in the dating game after a long-term relationship or a marriage, the prospect of going out on a date can feel unsettling if not...

Patti O'Rourke
April 9 2015