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Why Magnesium Is Essential For A Healthy & Happy Life

Did you know that an adult heart pumps approximately 2,000 gallons of blood through your body every day? Or that it takes only 20 seconds for blood to...

Amy Myers, M.D.
February 13 2014

Want To Lose Weight? Eat Chocolate

I love being the bearer of good news. In this case, it's that chocolate, arguably the most beloved food on Earth, should be eaten to help control...

Will Clower, PhD
February 4 2014

A Delicious And Healthy Alternative To Hot Chocolate

You skim articles, rush through your commute, and zone out, but you can’t skimp on your health. In the midst of polar vortexes and a busy schedule,...

January 31 2014

Best Vegan Chocolate Smoothie Ever (Literally!)

Does anything taste better than chocolate for a special treat? Unfortunately most industrial chocolate is loaded with refined sugars, genetically...

Nathalie Fraise
January 9 2014

Veganize This: Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels With Sea Salt

These delicious bites are my favorite thing to bring to any holiday gathering. With only five ingredients (or six if you're fancy!), and zero cooking...

Heidi Kristoffer
December 23 2013

Raw, Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse

This Raw Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse could actually make a perfect chocolate smoothie as well.

Pauline Hanuise
December 5 2013

Chocolate Mint Truffles (They're Vegan, Too!)

The nice thing about these truffles is that instead of using whipping cream, milk chocolate, and oils, I used real whole foods from plants. The end...

Deb Gleason
December 4 2013

Gluten-Free Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter Protein Balls

As the holidays near, it's quickly becoming that time of the year where we're constantly bombarded with sweets. And while it's fine to indulge in your...

Krista Stryker
November 15 2013

Fun Facts About Cocoa! (Infographic)

Around this time of year, it's natural to have chocolate on the brain. But how much do you really know about one of the world's most popular treats?...

Rainforest Alliance
October 31 2013

How To Eat Dessert Every Day & Still Feel Great

One year ago, while pregnant with my first child, I founded a small business called Cissé Trading Co. We import Fair Trade cocoa from a farmers’...

Diana Lovett
September 17 2013

3 Healthy Reasons To Enjoy Chocolate Every Day

Is there such a thing as a guilt-free pleasure when it comes to food? Absolutely, and chocolate is one of them. This delectable, seemingly addictive...

The Key To Not Acting Like A Hormonal Nightmare

We women go through something we love to complain about: hormonal mood swings.

Hayley Hobson
May 7 2013

Are There Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss?

When you're trying to lose weight, what are the foods to avoid at all costs?

Yes, It's OK To Eat Before Yoga! 5 Foods To Enjoy

Many of my yoga students come straight after work to my afternoon classes and haven’t eaten since lunch. I hear things like: I'm just not 100% there...

Alexa Nehter
April 19 2013

How To Get Confident Now

We all have weaknesses. Recently I've become aware of my weakness for a high-quality TV series. Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse, a fantasy world of...

Kate Southward
April 18 2013

How To Survive The Temptation To Binge On Sugar

With Easter just around the corner, it's very hard not to go on the obligatory binge: chocolate anything, hot cross buns and — let’s be honest –...

Lee Sutherland
March 29 2013

Ignore The Changing Room Chatter And Love Your Healthy Self

I taught five yoga classes today, and afterwards, I went to bliss out in the women's area of a health club I work at. The plan was basic: whirlpool,...

Lauren Rudick
March 14 2013

Are Your Food Beliefs Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Twice a year, my business partner and I run a workshop called the Body Project. She's a life coach, and I'm a nutritionist. We address both the...