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Chakras 101: Sacral Chakra

What you need to know about the second chakra.

Ashley Turner
November 11 2011

Finding Your Base: Working with the Root Chakra

In the next seven weeks here at MindBodyGreen, I'm going to be taking a closer look at each of our chakra centers. The chakra centers can easily sound...

Lisa Munger
November 10 2011

Chakras 101: Root Chakra

This is the first in a series of videos on our chakras, which are the seven major energy centers in our body. Today, I cover the first chakra, our...

Ashley Turner
November 4 2011

Chakras Primer: Learn to Make Them Sing

As Westerners, it's important to apply a healthy degree of skepticism when considering Eastern practices, making sure we filter ideas from cultures...

Lisa Munger
November 2 2011

Bandhas for Beginners: Yoga's Interior Locks

Those of you that know me have heard about my first yoga class. For those of you that do not (yet), I'll spare you the nitty gritty and just say this...

Lauren Imparato
June 14 2011

Q & A with Shiva Rea: On Yoga & Chakras

Raised by surfer parents in Hermosa Beach, California, Shiva Rea was a hardcore athlete as a kid (she played shortstop and point guard!) She soon fell...

Jason Wachob
April 5 2011

A Beginner's Guide To The 7 Chakras

Our guide to each chakra, broken down with everything you need to know.

Yogi Cameron
October 28 2009

An Introduction To The Third-Eye Chakra + How To Heal It

The 6th chakra is related to our ability to focus on and see the big picture.

Yogi Cameron
August 30 2009

An Introduction To The Root Chakra + How To Heal It

Feel grounded and connect to your foundation with this chakra.

Yogi Cameron
August 30 2009

An Introduction To The Throat Chakra + How To Heal It

The 5th Chakra, the Throat Chakra, represents our ability to communicate and express ourselves.

Yogi Cameron
August 30 2009