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6 Strategies For Manifesting Your Dream Job

There's nothing more rewarding than loving what you do and doing what you love. Here are six key strategies for making your dream (job) a reality.

Emily Kapit, M.S.
April 19 2016

3 Signs Your Career Is Sabotaging Your Health + What to Do About It

Your health will always be more important than your job.

Jena Viviano
April 15 2016

San Francisco Is The First US City To Require Fully-Paid Parental Leave

"We shouldn't be forcing new mothers and fathers to choose between spending precious bonding time with their children and putting food on the table."

Emi Boscamp
April 6 2016

The Most Empowering Thing You Can Do As A 20-Something Woman

This is something you actually DO have control over.

Shireen McCleary
March 26 2016

What No One Tells You About Starting Your Own Wellness Business

Enjoy the journey of creating something special as you build your business from the ground up, but always remember to be gentle with yourself along...

Deborah Flanagan
March 24 2016

7 Small Money Moves That Will Help You Achieve Your Life Goals

If you do a few small things in your 20s—seriously doable things—you can have a downright luxurious retirement. Fiji, anyone?

Nicole Lapin
March 18 2016

6 Life-Changing Lessons From Paul Kalanithi’s “When Breath Becomes Air”

In the final months of his life, Dr. Kalanithi left us a gift: a primer for living.

Vishnu Subramaniam
March 17 2016

5 Insanely Successful Women Who Had Totally Different Careers Before Hitting It Big

Here's a list of totally inspiring people whose second-act success proves it’s never too late to live your dreams.

Shannon Kaiser
March 16 2016

How Arianna Huffington Rebuilt Her Life To Make HuffPo Happen

Finally she slept. But this was not the restorative snooze Arianna Huffington had hoped to slip into during the early hours of April 6, 2007,...

Deborah K. Heisz
March 15 2016

I Gave Up Alcohol 3 Weeks Ago: Here's What Happened

One evening three weeks ago, I made a life-changing decision that would’ve been inconceivable to me that very same morning. I decided to quit drinking...

Tim Martin
March 15 2016

What Your Proportions Say About How Successful You'll Be In Life

​As if there wasn't enough unconscious bias in the workplace to overcome.

Emi Boscamp
March 9 2016

The Truth About The Green Beauty Industry (From An Insider)

Is it time to accept preservatives in green beauty products?

Jean Seo
March 6 2016

Looking For Your Dream Job? Here's What You Need To Know

Very few people know what their calling is at a young age, or when they first get out of college.

Jason Wachob
March 4 2016

Women Might Actually Be Better Developers Than Men

Research suggests female developers are as skilled at coding as their male counterparts, despite their poor representation in the tech world. A new...

Allison Daniels
February 13 2016

I Was A Police Officer For 20 Years. Here's What I Learned About Myself & Humanity

After several years as a police officer, I became jaded. I believed that no matter what I did, I wasn't making a difference. Yoga changed that.

Michelle Garcia
February 2 2016

The Life Advice I Wish I'd Heard In My Twenties

The advice I told those twentysomethings was the advice I wish someone had told me — the one thing I wish I'd known in college.

Josh Barad
January 9 2016

How Being A Workaholic Affects Your Love Life

No one wants to be working long hours all the time, so when you have to, you might feel a little guilty — for sitting too long, not getting...

Emi Boscamp
January 8 2016