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I'm A Derm & Skin Cancer Survivor: 3 Things I Wish I Knew In My 20s

"Having three skin cancers was definitely a big shock and wake-up call."

#skin care #Crepey skin #Sun care #Like A Pro #healthy aging
Jamie Schneider
May 11 2023

Healthy Levels Of This Vitamin Increase Success Of Cancer Treatment

Melanoma is no match for this nutrient!

#Vitamin D #cancer #news
Morgan Chamberlain
April 27 2023

Reaching Optimal Vitamin D Levels Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk By 50%

It's a little complicated, of course.

#Vitamin D #cancer
Korin Miller
March 15 2023

After A Year Of Subtle Symptoms, A Freak Accident Lead To My Diagnosis

Deep down, I knew something was wrong. But every doctor I saw told me I was totally fine.

#Invisible Illness #cancer
Samantha & Ashley Kent
February 25 2023

29% Of U.S. Adults Are Prone To These 10 Diseases — Are You?

Getting enough vitamin D promotes whole-body health and longevity.

#Vitamin D #longevity #cancer
Morgan Chamberlain
February 24 2023

Lower Your Risk Of Cancer 24% By Getting Enough Of This Essential Vitamin

The complicated relationship of vitamin D and disease.

#Vitamin D #cancer #autoimmune #news
Morgan Chamberlain
February 15 2023

I Had A Rare Cancer Diagnosis: Here's How I'm Embracing Life

I will never be without my lymphoma, and I will never be myself again. But I am, by all accounts, becoming a better version of myself.

#Invisible Illness #cancer
Lynda Wolters
November 5 2022

A Step-By-Step Guide To Self Breast Exams & What To Look For, From MDs

Breast exams are a lifesaving tool for some.

#cancer #empowerment
Abby Moore
October 14 2021

Exactly When To Get Important Health Exams, Based On Your Age

Because practicing preventive care is so important.

#cancer #eye health #healthy aging
Alexis Shields, N.D.
July 24 2021

Eating Just A Quarter-Cup Of This Food Daily May Lower Cancer Risk, Study Finds

The new "apple a day."

#cancer #news #functional nutrition
Abby Moore
June 22 2021

I Was Diagnosed With A Rare Form Of Cancer — Here's What I Learned

What happened when I started taking *response-ability* in my life.

#cancer #empowerment #joy #friendship
Jessica de la Morena
April 20 2021

There Are 9 Boob Types: Here's What To Know About Each, From OB/GYNs

No two boobs are the same (even on the same body).

#cancer #body positivity #confidence
Abby Moore
March 15 2021

10 Tools To Help Black People Advocate For Their Health, From A Holistic MD

One hundred fifty-seven years after the first Black female physician, overcoming race disparities in health care is still a work in progress.

#Heart #cancer #stress #COVID-19 #pain
Eudene Harry, M.D.
February 21 2021

Found Blood In Your Stool? Here's What To Do Next

The color of the blood may help determine exactly where the bleeding is coming from.

#cancer #digestion #gut health
Ajay Goel, Ph.D.
February 8 2021

What You Need To Know About Intermittent Fasting & Cancer, From An MD

Here, he breaks it down.

#cancer #intermittent fasting #mbgpodcast
Jason Wachob
January 20 2021

We Need To Talk About The Racial Disparities With Breast Cancer

Why Black women have worse breast cancer outcomes than white women.

Abby Moore
October 30 2020

A Fiber-Rich Lentil Soup That Won't Cause Bloat, From A Nutritional Psychiatrist

High-protein, high-fiber soup without the bloat.

#soup #dinner #cancer #digestion
Uma Naidoo, M.D.
October 28 2020

How This Nutritional Psychiatrist Used Food To Cope With Breast Cancer

The emotional and physical impacts of diet.

#cancer #Raw Food
Uma Naidoo, M.D.
October 26 2020

4 Stretches To Soothe Pain & Stiffness From Breast Cancer Treatment

The pain doesn't have to last forever.

#cancer #pain #movement cures
Leslie J. Waltke, P.T., DPT
October 20 2020

The Healthy Aging Benefits Of Autophagy & How To Activate The Cellular Process

Functional medicine experts shed light on this beneficial process.

#healthy aging #cancer #cleanse
Lindsay Boyers
October 7 2020