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The Only Questions You Need To Define Your Brand's Mission

They are not easy to answer, but it's an essential exercise.

October 11 2016

Sage Business Advice For Entrepreneurs From The Former CEO Of Coach

It's valuable advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business.

October 9 2016

The Mystical Duo Behind The World's Healthiest Chocolate

Bunni and Zen Nishimura have built their raw-chocolate-making hobby into ZenBunni, a brand of biodynamic chocolate that’s enormously popular—and...

Marguerite Preston
June 9 2016

Whole Foods Just Committed To Important New Standards For Chicken

Better genetics and better living conditions means better-tasting meat.

Emi Boscamp
March 18 2016

The Founder Of THINX Underwear On Breaking Taboos + Rethinking Your Period

Miki Agrawal on finding her tribe, dispelling taboos, and embracing leaks.

Colleen Wachob
March 11 2016

The Truth About The Green Beauty Industry (From An Insider)

Is it time to accept preservatives in green beauty products?

Jean Seo
March 6 2016

Elle Macpherson's Secrets To Looking Good & Feeling Great At Any Age

It’s hard not to have a wellness woman crush on Elle Macpherson. The 51-year-old beauty glows without a hint of makeup. She’s been strong before it...

Colleen Wachob
January 28 2016

The Carbon38 Founders On Conquering Community And The Future Of Athleisure

Caroline Gogolak and Katie Warner Johnson made it their business to find comfy clothes that are gorgeous and functional.

Colleen Wachob
January 25 2016

12 Wellness Experts On How They REALLY Built Their Brands Online

We asked 10 of our featured wellness experts and food bloggers to spill their secrets for building a personal wellness brand online.

October 27 2015

Generation Foodie: 10 Healthy Blogs That Inspire Us To Cook

How many times have you vowed to eat in more and dine out less? Pledged to cook in order to save money, maybe for your next much-needed getaway?...

October 12 2015

What Starting My Own Cookie Company Taught Me About Facing Challenges

We often see blog posts or articles that boil down the big challenges of life into a single maxim or a digestible metaphor. Hey, we will take anything...

Loren Brill
November 4 2014

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Decide To Become A Life Coach

The world’s most successful life coaches all share one thing in common.

Suzanne Gelb, PhD, J.D.
September 23 2014

How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life

As a business owner, I’m constantly looking to attract the right clients to my practice. As a friend and a lover, I’m constantly looking to attract...

Mike Iamele
March 28 2014

10 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Business

When I started BOSU Fitness I had no experience in business, I didn’t write a business plan, and more than a few people thought I was nuts. But I had...

David Weck
March 7 2014

10 Weekly Habits To Stay On Top Of Your Yoga Business

Feel like you’re short on time to focus on the things that’ll grow your yoga business? You're not alone. As a single business owner, you’re constantly...

Karen Fabian
November 15 2013