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How Yoga Helped Me Cope With The Loss Of My Grandmother

"Through yoga, I felt inner peace and (dare I say it?) happiness during my time of loss."

Dr. Lakhbir K. Jassal
October 9 2016

I Had Panic Attacks Every Single Day — Then I Tried Yoga

"I didn't come into yoga for the fad of it. I was initially there for the breath because I didn't have it."

Shauna Harrison
October 6 2016

I Used My Intuition To Handle Heartache & Find My Life Path. Here's How You Can Use Yours

As a young child, Jill Willard knew she had the ability to see the future. However, her journey to come out as an intuitive certainly wasn't an easy...

September 21 2016

How To Use Yoga To Drastically Improve Your Mornings

Goodbye, Snapchat; hello, sun salutation.

Sasha Nelson
September 19 2016

Breathe Your Way To Greater Success

Learn how breath work can support you so that you can achieve an optimum state of health, success and peace.

Sara Quiriconi
August 30 2016

Bust Through Any Bad Day With This Simple Breathing Exercise

A few seconds alone with your thoughts is all it takes.

Kate Eckman
August 28 2016

5 Health Hacks I Thought Were Crazy Until I Tried Them

Are fasting and breathwork really worth adding to your routine?

Guy Lawrence
July 20 2016

3 Ways To Build Emotional Strength Through Yoga + Really Deepen Your Practice

Yoga provides the playground to explore and gain mastery over our feelings.

Suzy Daren
June 30 2016

A 3-Minute Breathing Exercise To Beat Bloat & Stimulate Your Thyroid

Do this every morning to promote proper digestion and circulation.

Fern Olivia
June 25 2016

An Intuitive's 60-Second Breathing Exercise To Eliminate Doubt

Connect to your inner knowing with mindfulness expert Jill Willard.

Jill Willard
June 16 2016
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I'm An Olympian. Here's How Meditation Helped Me Tune Into My Body

"Transitioning to the real world after being an Olympic athlete would not have been as easy without finding inner peace through meditation."

Caroline Burckle
June 16 2016

5 Ways To Never Have Another Bad Date

All your idiosyncrasies, eccentricities, and contradictions will be the thing that intoxicates the person intended to love you unconditionally. So if...

Daniel Dowling
June 11 2016

How To Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Like a Yogi

What are some ways we can begin to live like a yogi, off of our yoga mats and out in our day-to-day lives? Here are a few easy ones to get you well on...

Caley Alyssa
June 11 2016

8 Ways To Turn Any Workout Into A Meditative Experience

We are at our best when our minds and bodies are synchronized. Our bodies are already living in the present moment, but as soon as we can use...

Jennifer Wang
June 4 2016