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21 New Books That Will Change The Way You Look At Food

mbg is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Food Tank, a nonprofit dedicated to finding a sustainable solution to hunger, obesity, and poverty...

Food Tank
January 25 2016

20 Wellness Books Worth Reading In 2016

Whether you're well and truly entrenched in the wellness world or just a casual observer dipping a toe in the water, the sheer amount of information...

Allison Daniels
January 15 2016

5 Parenting Books That Helped Me Raise Grateful, Healthy & Happy Children

Although like any new parent I had no clue what I was doing when child number one came along, I did know what values I wanted to instill in my...

Rebeca Plantier
January 4 2016

Can't Afford A Life Coach For 2016? Read These 10 Books For Your Best Year Ever

Need a life coach to help get your life together, but unable to get your life together enough to save for a life coach? We've all been there. Drop...

Emma Mildon
January 3 2016

The #1 Rule I Live By When I Declutter: Marie Kondo Explains

What standard do you use to decide what to get rid of?

December 14 2015

How Shonda Rhimes Lost Over 100 Pounds (And Gained A Life) By Saying "Yes"

Six words were all it took to make Shonda Rhimes — the acclaimed writer and producer behind Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder —...

Emma Loewe
December 8 2015

10 Books To Read If You Want To Start 2016 Right

Here’s the lineup we've all been waiting for — 10 books that offer an outlet for your badass, new-age self. These sassy, spiritual reads are perfect...

Emma Mildon
December 2 2015

5 Totally Inspirational Books To Give This Holiday Season

It's the season of gratitude and giving. (Isn't it great that we have a whole season devoted to those things?) And if you're anything like me, you get...

Shannon Kaiser
November 30 2015

Check Out These Redesigned Book Covers Of Our Favorite Classics

Whether you were getting into mischief outside Boo Radley's house, dancing at one of Mr. Gatsby's elegant affairs, or traveling down the Mississippi...

Emma Loewe
October 5 2015

6 Honest Lessons On Love, Success & Body Image From Mindy Kaling

Whether you know her as boy-crazy Dunder Mifflin employee Kelly Kapoor or sassy gynocologist Mindy Lahiri or the voice of Disgust in Inside Out, it’s...

Emma Loewe
October 2 2015

12 Brand New Books To Put On Your Fall Reading List

If summer is the season of blockbuster movies, fall is all about the books. As self-proclaimed bibliophiles, we decided to round up the books we're...

Allison Daniels
September 8 2015

5 Ordinary Household Objects You Aren't Recycling (But Could Be!)

Tom Szaky and Albe Zakes, the eco-entrepreneurs behind global recycling company TerraCycle have a pretty unique take on trash. Their new book Make...

Albe Zakes
August 21 2015

The 5 Plastics That Nobody Should Be Using

Tom Szaky and Albe Zakes, the eco-entrepreneurs behind global recycling company TerraCycle, have a pretty unique take on trash. Their new book, Make...

Tom Szaky
August 7 2015

11 Amazing Cookbooks From 2015

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that 2015 is the year of the plant-based home cook. (Pun intended.)

Emi Boscamp
July 29 2015

6 Science-Backed Spirituality Books That Help Build A Positive Mindset

We seem to be inundated by spirituality books, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The problem with some of these so-called "spirituality" books is...

Dean Bokhari
July 22 2015

8 Books To Read For Your Happiest Summer Ever

There's a lot to be said for the frothy beach read. It provides an escape from the grind (which is obviously the only thing keeping you from your own...

Allison Daniels
July 20 2015

5 Things To Know Before Reading Harper Lee's "Go Set A Watchman"

Today, Harper Lee's much-anticipated Go Set A Watchman, a "parent" book to her famous 1960 novel To Kill A Mockingbird, was released. Though it may be...

Emi Boscamp
July 14 2015

8 Surprising Pieces Of Dating Advice From Aziz Ansari

Last week, I picked up a copy of comedian Aziz Ansari’s new book Modern Romance, which tackles how to date in a world with smartphones, online dating...

Charlotte Lieberman
June 22 2015

Teach Your Kids The ABCs With The Raddest Feminist Children's Book Ever

Don't just teach your kids the ABCs — teach them the ABCs while introducing them to feminism — because, well, some things can never be taught too...

Emi Boscamp
April 1 2015

3 Tips To Stop Taking Criticism So Personally

Feedback helps people improve, but anxious people often avoid it because it can feel threatening. Avoiding feedback due to anxiety may lead to slower...

Dr. Alice Boyes
April 1 2015