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Molly Sims Reveals The Disturbing Truth About How She Stayed Model Skinny

Recently, supermodels have been speaking out about the immense pressure put on them to maintain a certain appearance — and it's still a major issue —...

Emi Boscamp
November 12 2015

5 Rules I Followed To Lose 145 Pounds + Keep It Off

Growing up I was always a skinny kid and I assumed I would stay that way. Turns out that as an adult, sitting on your butt at work all day, while...

Brenda Johnston
November 12 2015

The Mental Shifts That Helped Me Effortlessly Lose 4 Dress Sizes & Regain My Confidence

There's an overwhelming pressure for new mothers to bounce back to their "pre-baby" body. Don’t even get me started on the number of products —...

Sarah Jenks
November 12 2015

Science Reveals Yet Another Reason Not To Step On The Scale

Sure, maintaining a healthy weight is important. But it turns out that stepping on the scale as part of your strategy could actually backfire.

Anna Williams
November 11 2015

Meryl Streep Was Told She Was "Too Ugly" For A Role. Here's How She Responded

UPDATE: Turns out, this Facebook post was not from Meryl Streep herself but an unofficial fan page. Bummer. The audition story, however, is true.

Emi Boscamp
November 11 2015

I'm All For Body Positivity ... But Sometimes We Need To Talk Honestly About Weight Loss

As a psychologist and life coach who helps women find their voice in all areas of their lives, my clients frequently approach me to discuss weight...

Lisa Kaplin
November 11 2015

Melissa McCarthy Wants To Change How Major Retailers Display Plus-Size Clothing

After the success of her clothing line Seven7, which came out this past August, Melissa McCarthy is now spearheading a movement to bring visibility to...

Emi Boscamp
November 9 2015

I'm A Mom + I Don't Want My Pre-Baby Body "Back"

As a mother of two, it often feels impossible to keep up with a workout regimen. When my kids were young, I surrendered for many years to an almost...

Lara Hudson
November 9 2015

First Plus Size Designer To Win Project Runway: Meet Ashley Tipton

For the first time in 14 seasons (11 years), Project Runway awarded the grand prize to plus-size designer Ashley Tipton. Her 1950s-inspired designs...

Gabrielle Frank
November 6 2015

Ariana Grande & Ariel Winter Team Up To Take Down A Body Shamer

Instead of letting yet another online commenter get away with body-shaming, Grammy-nominated singer Ariana Grande and Modern Family star Ariel Winter...

Emi Boscamp
November 3 2015

The Important Reason This Teen Instagram Model Is Quitting Social Media

18-year-old Australian Instagram star Essena O’Neill had amassed half a million followers on Instagram, 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube and Tumblr...

November 3 2015

I Lost 125 Pounds. Here's How I Know I'll Keep It Off

Up until about seven years ago, I was a chronic yo-yo dieter. At my highest, I weighed 300 pounds and stayed at that weight for several years. Over...

Naomi Teeter
November 2 2015

This Single Mother Of 4 Posts The Most Inspiring Photo & It's Going Viral. Here's Why

After 27-year-old musician and mother-of-four Kimberly Henderson got out of the shower the other day, she glanced at herself in the mirror for a...

Emi Boscamp
October 29 2015

How To Raise A 300-Pound Daughter

Once upon a time, I consumed to the breaking point — drugs, booze, relationships — anything to change the channel in my head. Today, I’m a healthy,...

Kelly Coffey
October 29 2015

Calories Don't Matter — So Stop Counting Them

I can already hear the buts forming in your head. But what about portion control? But don’t we need a certain amount of calories each day? But how...

Meghan Telpner
October 29 2015

7 Things NOT To Say To Someone Who Has Had Weight-Loss Surgery

After spending the majority of my life obese, I decided to have bariatric surgery. I had surgery on September 22, 2008. I have lost a lot of weight...

Misty Ralston
October 28 2015

Why American Women Feel Worse About Their Bodies Than Other Women

It’s a sad fact that American women feel worse about their bodies than women of almost any other nationality in the world. Don't believe me? A recent...

Andrea Jones
October 27 2015

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Was Diagnosed With Skin Cancer In My 20s

In my teens and 20s, I thought I was invincible. I would spend hours in the sun without wearing any sunscreen. I wore my tan like a badge of honor for...

Kate Eckman
October 25 2015

10 Simple Ways To Get Back To Healthy Habits When Life Happens

We all have good intentions when it comes to eating perfectly, exercising frequently, and making time to find our Zen. Yet after a while, all this...

Carla Birnberg
October 24 2015

12 Things I Did To Lose 24 Pounds (Without Trying)

It was early 2013 when I got the scare of a lifetime. While on vacation a sharp pain prompted me to do a breast self-exam. I discovered a pea-sized...

Mia Stern
October 24 2015