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This Is The Best Breakfast Hack To Balance Your Blood Sugar, If You're Curious

They do say it's the most important meal of the day....

#metabolism #Blood Sugar #breakfast #easy meals #mbgpodcast
Olivia Giacomo
October 16 2021

Are These 3 Healthy Foods Secretly Spiking Your Blood Sugar?

Here's what to do about it.

#Blood Sugar #mbgpodcast #fiber #protein
Jason Wachob
October 15 2021

This Diet May Be Better For Blood Sugar Than The Popular Mediterranean

We often see the Mediterranean diet come out on top—but not this time.

#Blood Sugar #news
Eliza Sullivan
October 8 2021

I'm A Harvard-Trained MD: Here's What You Need To Know About Hormones & Weight

The pair is often misunderstood.

#hormones #mbgpodcast #stress #Blood Sugar
Jason Wachob
October 8 2021

4 Perks You Might Notice When You Supplement With Vitamin D*

Good things ahead.

#mbgsupplements #Blood Sugar #supplements
Josey Murray
September 17 2021

Are Sneaky Sugars Lurking In Your "Healthy" Foods? Be Wary Of These 5 Culprits

Learn to be a sugar detective, from a celeb nutrition expert.

#functional nutrition #Blood Sugar #sugar #sugar-free
JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
September 15 2021

6 Grain-Based Lunches That Won't Spike Your Blood Sugar (You're Welcome)

Thanks to millet, a super grain we're reaching for more these days.

#lunch #Blood Sugar
Eliza Sullivan
August 26 2021

Moving Your Dinner Up By This Many Hours Could Offer Blood Sugar Benefits

Maybe there is a perfect dinnertime for us all.

#Blood Sugar #dinner #mbgsupplements
Eliza Sullivan
August 20 2021

Have You Tried Millet? Research Finds Promising Blood Sugar Benefits

Not all grains are created equal.

#gluten-free #Blood Sugar #news
Sarah Regan
July 30 2021

I'm A Keto Neuroscientist & This Is How I Balance My Blood Sugar After A Meal

Another reason to love that post-meal stroll.

#Blood Sugar #mbgpodcast #ketogenic
Olivia Giacomo
July 15 2021

This Type Of Carb Can Have A+ Benefits For Your Heart Health

When it comes to carbs, whole grains are better than refined ones.

#functional nutrition #news #Blood Sugar
Sarah Regan
July 15 2021

I'm A Hormone Expert & This Is A Recipe You Should Eat In Your 30s To Stay Full

Plus, you can whip it up in five minutes flat.

#hormones #functional nutrition #Blood Sugar #mbgpodcast
Jamie Schneider
July 15 2021

Just In: Postmenopausal Women May Benefit From Eating Chocolate For Breakfast

Chocolate for breakfast may sound like a child's dream, but it may help manage blood sugar for some.

#breakfast #Blood Sugar #Menopause #functional nutrition
Eliza Sullivan
July 1 2021

Tired After A Meal? Here's Why + What To Do, From A Nutritional Psychiatrist

It might have to do with what you're eating.

#Blood Sugar #sleep #functional nutrition
Jessica Timmons
June 23 2021

I'm A Biochemist & This Is Exactly How Much Salt You Should *Really* Be Eating

The anti-sodium campaign has people skipping the salt shaker, which can do more harm than good for your well-being.

#functional nutrition #Blood Sugar #mbgpodcast
Jamie Schneider
June 7 2021

Research Finds Eating Two Servings Of This May Lower Diabetes Risk

You're probably already getting these, but just in case.

#Blood Sugar #news
Eliza Sullivan
June 2 2021

Struggle With Blood Sugar Spikes? An MD Wants You To Consider This

You may want to prioritize these foods during the luteal phase.

#Blood Sugar #metabolism #healthy period
Casey Means, M.D.
May 31 2021

If You Put Cinnamon On Everything, Make Sure You're Using This Variety

Is this spice not so nice?

#Blood Sugar #functional nutrition
Abby Moore
April 12 2021

How's Your Circulation? A Vascular Biologist's 2 Easy Tricks To Self-Assess

Have you tried these methods to check in on the state of your circulation?

#longevity #Blood Sugar
Olivia Giacomo
April 12 2021

The Food Texture This RD Craves When She's On Her Period & Why

What kind of cravings do you have?

#healthy period #functional nutrition #energy #fats #Blood Sugar
Abby Moore
March 30 2021