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Yoga as a Sport & The Olympic Games

"A thought is an arrow shot at the truth; it can hit a point, but not cover the whole target. But the archer is too well satisfied with...

Marina Chetner
June 29 2012

Bikram Yoga's Other Half: Conversation with Rajashree Choudhury

Just as the Moon is to the Sun, Yin is to Yang, so is Rajashree to Bikram – a balance in harmony.

Marina Chetner
June 19 2012

Hydration and Replenishment for (Hot) Yogis

We hear the tip frequently, ‘ensure you’re well hydrated’, especially if we're pursuing outdoor sports or practicing yoga in 105F heated rooms during...

Marina Chetner
June 18 2012

Balancing Your Yang (Hot) Yoga Practice with Yin

It was a few years ago, when I started a near-daily hot (Yang) yoga practice – then, a combination of Ashtanga, Bikram, and power yoga – that I...

Marina Chetner
June 11 2012

5 Summer Tips for Hot Room Yogis

As the weather makes its seasonal transition, so changes my Bikram yoga practice. During the cooler months, my joints sound a little creakier; the...

Marina Chetner
June 7 2012

6 Tips for Bikram Yoga Beginners

For a while I’ve wanted to dive into this ongoing conversation about Bikram Yoga, both wanting to defend the practice that I love, and sometimes...

Nicole Bailey
June 4 2012

5 Life Lessons Beyond the Yoga Mat

One of the most satisfying experiences in yoga is overcoming obstacles. Whether it’s finally finding balance in Toe Stand; easing up tight knees in...

Marina Chetner
June 2 2012

5 Reasons Why I Love Bikram Yoga

I was an avid yogini all during my twenties. I enjoyed my Hatha practice and then took Iyengar classes. I also took pregnant yoga and mommy and me...

Lisa Consiglio Ryan
May 29 2012

10 Things NOT to Do in Bikram Yoga

It feels like it’s 130F, sweat is stinging your eyes, you’re itching for a sliver of cool air… actually, jumping into an pool ice cube filled pool...

Marina Chetner
May 27 2012

Should Yoga Be an Olympic Sport?

There's been some talk today about the possibility of yoga becoming an Olympic sport in 2016... or at least some lobbying for it from USA Yoga.

March 1 2012

Who Defines Our Experience

On Friday, I woke up with a stiff neck and some pain heading toward my left eye, normally the precursor to a booming headache. Maybe I overstretched...

Chris Webb
February 15 2012

Jumping Off the Competition Train Thanks to Yoga

On the eve of our first snow, just weeks before my 50th birthday, I bought a bikini.

Deborah Williamson
February 2 2012

Lady Gaga's Secret to Success Is Yoga

Lady Gaga is one of the most successful women in the world today. Is yoga her secret to success?

February 1 2012

4 Tips for Surviving Your First Bikram Class Safely

Recently, tabloids broke the news that Britain's Prince Harry was a recent convert to Bikram yoga -- which isn't surprising, since news of new...

Joshua Duvauchelle
January 30 2012

Backache, Bikram, Breakthrough

I am a punching bag and a doormat. Though I have walked about five paths in life and created five communities in the same amount of states, after...

Chris Webb
January 26 2012

5 Tips for Your First Yoga Class

Recently, I was asked by someone as to what to expect from her first yoga class. This person, oh, I'll call her..."Petunia", really wants to go down...

Jonathan Creamer
January 25 2012

The Healing Power of Movement

Yoga, movement, and healing go hand-in hand. Yet for some of us, it's easier for us to move in a yoga class than it is to move on the dance floor....

Jason Wachob
September 23 2011

Jenny McCarthy: Yoga's Been My Life for 3 Years

Find out the healthy habits helping the 39-year-old stay radiant.

September 12 2011

Lady Gaga: On Running Around Naked, Yoga & Surfing

Lady Gaga attributes her body confidence to yoga and dancing, and uses surfing as a metaphor for life in the recent issue of Harper's Bazaar. Gaga...

September 7 2011

Why Everyone Should Try a 30-Day Yoga Challenge

The first thing I did after signing up for a thirty day challenge at my local Bikram yoga studio, was to find a quiet corner of the class, sit down on...

Stacey Siebritz
August 23 2011