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Why Grounding Is Difficult For Highly Sensitive People + What To Do About It

Being grounded is an essential skill for empaths and highly sensitive people who pick up emotions from the people and environment around them. It...

Irene Langeveld, M.S.
March 26 2015

The Importance Of Going Barefoot + How To Reclaim Your Feet

How often do you take your shoes off just to feel the grass between your toes, walk around the house barefoot because you can? My guess is probably...

Mary Whaling
March 14 2015

Why Our Ancestors Had It Right By Going Barefoot

While shoes have offered a sense of convenience to our everyday lives, they've also removed us from our direct connection to mother nature. The...

David Gelfand
October 17 2014

40 Ways To Practice Joy Every Single Day

Have you noticed the explosion of books and articles on happiness in the past decade? No doubt it’s great that we’re getting expert advice on such an...

MeiMei Fox
May 25 2014

10 Tips to Reduce Stress From Chinese Medicine

Stress causes severe muscle pains, shrinks the size of our brains, and even causes heart disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine works as a great...

Robert Piper
September 2 2012

Happy Feet, Happy Body, Happy Mind

A foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. This is one massive clue that our feet are meant to move and be...

Katrin Heuser
August 30 2012

5 Reasons to Run Barefoot

I started running “barefoot” this summer. No, I don’t run around like Huck Finn along the banks of The Mississippi. I wear shoes. But they’re...

Doug Tedeschi
July 11 2012

15 Simple Tips to Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul

Here is a list of 15 simple things to consider incorporating into your healthy routine to help balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Jesse Chappus, D.C.
July 9 2012

5 Mid-Year Resolutions

Okay, so it's not January 1; it's not even December yet. It's June, and I have decided to set some resolutions. Who says we need to wait until next...

Bridget Regan
June 26 2012

8 Ways to Naturally Heal Your Thyroid

After my previous article, someone wrote to me and asked if I could help them use yoga and natural therapies to heal their thyroid issues. Of course I...

10 Sleep Tips From Chinese Medicine

Lack of sleep leads to a whole host of possible health problems - such as heart disease, obesity, depression, and ulcers. It also reduces how...

Robert Piper
May 21 2012

7 Health Benefits of Going Barefoot Outside

Even though we've come to think of them as a vital part of our lives, only 20 percent of the world's population today wears shoes. Although in western...

Stephanie Slon
March 29 2012

3 Reasons Why You Need to Reconnect with the Earth

What are the most well known steps to better health?

Dr. Daniel Chong
February 17 2012

Michael Franti on Yoga, Creativity, Touring Green

Michael Franti, the front man for the band Michael Franti & Spearhead, is obviously a rock star -- but he's also a guy who practices meditation and...

Jason Wachob
August 11 2010

Q & A with Christopher McDougall: Born to Run

Christopher McDougall's best-selling book, Born to Run, is one of those game-changing books that comes along every ten years or so. It was the book...

Jason Wachob
May 18 2010