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8 Feng Shui Ways To Let Go Of The Stuff That's Holding You Back

I love the idea of letting go of things, but… how, actually, do you “let go” of things?

Dana Claudat
December 9 2013

How To Build Strength To Do Handstand (Video)

When I first started yoga, I was in awe of the magical power of handstands. I never actually thought I'd be able to do them myself. After a year of...

Kino MacGregor
December 5 2013

5 Tips To Make Sure You're Eating Mindfully This Holiday Season

It is certainly fall, and soon it will be winter. It's during the winter season that our bodies experience a movement toward groundedness. In many...

Ku’ulani Imira
November 19 2013

5 Health Lessons We Can Learn From The Greeks

The word "diet" comes from the ancient Greek “diaita,” which means "the way of life." In Ancient Greece, a diet was about good health, not radical...

Maria Benardis
November 12 2013

How Yoga During Pregnancy Helps Me Stay Balanced

When I’m asked about the benefits of prenatal yoga, I of course can’t help but state the obvious: yoga keeps me strong, flexible, in my body, and it...

Melanie Lora Meltzer
October 17 2013

Signs Your Grounding Chakra Is Out Of Whack + What To Do About It

I'm a huge advocate of yoga for so many reasons, but one reason is the grounding benefits from hitting the mat.

Tina Williamson
October 7 2013

6 Feng Shui Signs You're Dating The Wrong Person

There's a tremendous amount you can tell about how someone views things like sex, kids, love and even how much they want to be in any type of...

Dana Claudat
October 1 2013

4 Ways To Say NO Without Feeling Guilty

Life is busy. Whether you’re working, running a business, or dealing with friends or loved ones, it’s important to become comfortable with saying “no”...

Meg Sylvia
September 15 2013

What I Learned From 12 Years Of Studying With A Shaman

For 12 years, I had the amazing experience of living with the Huichol people, an indigenous tribe that lives in the mountainous region of central...

Brant Secunda
August 22 2013

Ready To Diversify Your Practice? Start With These 7 Fun Yoga Styles.

Ever been stuck in a yoga rut? When I first discovered yoga I focused all my attention on one teacher and one specific series of poses. I bought a...

Tamara Jacobi
August 9 2013

11 Tips To Rock Your 20s

I went to Wanderlust this summer, the festival whose purpose is to inspire and create a community through shared values of mindfulness, self-growth,...

Stefani Beckerman
August 4 2013

5 Tips To Help You Maintain Proper Alignment

Anyone who's ever driven and maintained an automobile for an extended period of time has likely dealt with an alignment problem. The effects of a few...

Peter J. Braglia, D.C.
August 3 2013

Ayurvedic Tips To Stay Balanced While Traveling

Traveling can be great fun, but it can also be a strain on your body and mind. Rushing for flights, changing time zones, sitting for extended periods,...

Tegan Wallis
July 19 2013

How To Use Feng Shui To Hone Your Intuition

Intuition is a real thing. Those Spidey senses are hard to ignore. Yet we do it all the time!

Dana Claudat
July 17 2013

10 Reasons To Change Your Perspective & Go Upside Down

Inversions have so many benefits, but here are 10 of my favorites.

Lauren Rudick
July 1 2013

5 Ways To Stop Stress Eating

Have you ever fallen into the trap of stress eating? Do you sometimes feel it has taken over your life, and you need to stop somehow and get back in...

Kristy Kryszczak
June 26 2013

How To Hypnotize Yourself & Manifest Your Dreams

Self-hypnosis is a wonderful and powerful wellness technique for setting and helping to manifest your nearest and dearest personal intentions.

Nina Pernecke, MSW
June 25 2013

Is Running Hurting Your Knees? Ayurveda Can Help

Are you one of the more than 10.5 million Americans who like to run on a regular basis? If so, you may have found that it can take a toll on your...

Premal Patel, M.D.
June 14 2013

5 Tips To Get More Time To Yourself

Life is busy and fast paced; there's absolutely no denying this. People and families are time poor, and everyone is in a hurry, working more than...

Belinda Anderson
June 12 2013

10 Themes To Focus On When Teaching Yoga

Sometimes, at the beginning of class, teachers will ask their students to “set an intention for your practice.” But as a teacher, do you set an...

Karen Fabian
June 11 2013