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How Tree Pose Can Make You A Better Runner

Running is a one-legged sport. That's why I especially love tree pose, or Vrksasana for runners.

Steph Creaturo
April 22 2014

5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Home & The Planet!

With threats of radiation, global warming, polar shifts, and extinctions, it’s easy to become apathetic about the state of our planet. Saving the...

Tisha Morris
April 22 2014

9 Easy Ways To Reconnect In Your Relationship

As a couples therapist, I've learned a lot about marriages and relationships. Time and time again, I've seen these simple truths challenge almost...

Gina Senarighi, MFT
April 20 2014

9 Ways To Find Balance Before Completely Losing Control Of Your Life

We often hear from spiritual gurus who have been down a dark road, often with drugs and alcohol, and clawed their way back to a balanced life. But I...

Emily Nolan
April 18 2014

7 Ways To Improve Your Posture & Decrease Back Pain

Despite the incredible engineering of the human body, bad posture can lead to back pain. The human body has evolved very little in the last million...

Trish Allan
April 17 2014

What It REALLY Means To Be Successful (And How We Got It All Wrong)

Ever since Arianna Huffington’s eye-opening book Thrive was released, the country has been abuzz, trying to redefine our burnout-promoting,...

Mike Iamele
April 17 2014

I'm A Nutritionist. Here's How I'm Meeting My Weight Loss Goals

What would you think if I told you I’m losing 20 pounds eating twice fried chicken wings, birthday cake, bacon and fried pickles? Well, it’s true I do...

Erica Sawers
April 15 2014

5 Reasons I Recommend Yoga For Everyone

As a yoga teacher, I often hear people describe how yoga has transformed their lives. That's one of the reasons many yogi gurus believe that yoga was...

Hali Tsotetsi
April 14 2014

How To Spend More Time Doing The Things You Love

Another Sunday had arrived, and as I sat down to make my to-do list for the upcoming week, I felt frazzled. Why did I feel tired and unfocused?

Julianne Wurm, EdD
April 11 2014

5 Ways Diet, Yoga & Meditation Eased My Anxiety

Today I live a life that I love. But most of my childhood was marked by severe panic attacks, depression, OCD, and PTSD. I’ve had more panic attacks...

Tessa Zimmerman
April 11 2014

How To Do A Handstand (Video)

Holding an unsupported handstand away from the wall is a true test of strength, balance and stamina. It's something I personally struggled with for...

Kino MacGregor
April 9 2014

Why Paying Attention To Your Body Is The Best Diet Of All

Which diet should I follow? Should I be a vegan or vegetarian? Is Paleo right for me? Should I be gluten-free? These are the most common questions I...

Jared Koch
April 7 2014

Road Sage: 5 Tricks To Calm Your Road Rage

If you live in any of the largest 25 metropolitan cities in the world, traffic has likely become an unavoidable part of your day. Wow, even writing...

Rob Edie
March 28 2014

5 Rules To Keep Your Children's Internet Use Healthy

Like it or not, we now have a culture where many children have an online presence before they're even born, with their parents uploading regular posts...

Pettina Stanghon
March 24 2014

How & Why Runners Should Practice Yoga

We work with a lot of runners around Strala, and people are consistently getting faster, for longer, with fewer injuries, following a basic training...

Michael Taylor
March 20 2014

6 Signs Your Life Is Total Chaos + How To Restore Balance

Inner chaos can take many forms in our outer lives, including burnout, health problems, financial distress, and relationship issues. The most...

Tonya Sheridan
March 4 2014

5 Exercises You Can Do On Your Way To Work

No one doubts that exercise is important. Using and moving our body is essential to all of our lives, especially if you sit at a desk for a good part...

Jonathan FitzGordon
February 18 2014

Why Your Last Mistake Is Your Best Teacher

Learning is trial and error. Making mistakes doesn’t make us less capable, because making an effort in life also brings failures. On the mat, yoga is...

Silvia Mordini
February 5 2014

How To Master Handstand (Video)

Handstand, or Adho Mukha Vrksasana, is regarded as one of the holy grail of yoga poses. In this video from YogaToday.com, Simon Park, master of the...

January 29 2014

7 Non-New Agey Affirmations To Balance Your Chakras

The chakras are energy centers that are located along the front line of your body. Each chakra governs different aspects of your being. For example,...

Hayley Mermelstein, LAc
December 12 2013