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A Guide To Essential Oils (Infographic)

Whether you're new to the essential oils game or a long-time user, these distillations are little bottles of magic. From skincare to digestion to sex...

November 21 2014

Yes, Corporate Wellness Programs Really Work

On average, Americans aged 25-54 spend about 40% of their life working. That means for every hour you are alive, for the next 20 years, there is a...

Kim Sin
November 21 2014

5 Ways To Access Your Divine Feminine Through Your Sacral Chakra

In a recent chakra healing session (a humbling experience for a New York artist with a bit of a cynic up her skirt), a healer revealed to me that I...

Caits Meissner
November 17 2014

10 Small Changes For Health, Balance & Peace

Diets are hard. They're restrictive, they're harsh — they're no fun. Is that any way to live? I don't think so. Here are ten small changes that you...

Kimberly Petrosino
October 15 2014

7 Ways To Indulge Without Going Nuts

Saying “no” to deprivation is a daunting feeling for many women — so much so that when they do allow themselves to indulge they either have no idea...

Danielle Eva Pewhairangi
October 6 2014

Why Losing Your Balance Is Good For You

My balance isn’t good enough to…. (insert challenging yoga pose or complicated exercise move here).

Annie Neisen, PT, DPT
September 18 2014

20 Ways To Add More Wellness To Your Workday

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on Martha Stewart Radio. I was asked to speak to the audience on how to create a healthier and...

Laura McDonald
September 16 2014

Do You Sit All Day? Try This Strategy To Improve Your Posture

Modern society has us bent out of shape, making us hunch over laptops, tablets and smartphones for the majority of our days. As the workplace...

Rupal M. Patel
September 16 2014

10 Reasons Everyone Should Try Rock Climbing

Are you tired of your same old workout routine? Are you looking for a great way to get fit without all the suffering and maybe even a little bit of...

Aicacia Young
July 31 2014

7 Feng Shui Tips To Help You Get More Of What You Want

As grateful as a person can be for all that she has, more seems to be what pretty much everyone wants. More money, more love, more wellness, more...

Dana Claudat
July 15 2014

5 Tips To Make Ordinary Days Extraordinary

Days come, days go. Some last an eternity, others fly by. Some are cheerful, others uneventful. Yet you can be sure that the sun and the moon will...

Julie Mosmuller
July 15 2014

Improve Your Balance & Strengthen Your Core With These Fun Exercises!

Your ability to balance gives you a world of knowledge about your level of fitness.

Julie Wilcox
July 4 2014

7 Qualities Of A Great Friend

Great friendships are one of the most important things in life. Here are the top seven qualities found in the greatest friends. Are you in a romantic...

Stephen Guise
June 17 2014

How Finding My Purpose Healed Me

We think of our body as an amazing mechanism that works 24/7 to keep us healthy. However, there's another wonderful thing your body will do for you:...

Raquel Vasallo
June 16 2014

Is Your Ambition Getting In The Way Of Dating? Read This

There was a time in my life when I felt torn between focusing on my career and finding a partner to build my life with. I feared that committing to...

Cynthia Belmer
June 16 2014

10 Tips To Raise Happy & Resilient Kids

Just like us, our children crave happiness and well being. There are many fruitful ways to guide our future generation and even share the highlights...

Betsi Iris Mufson
June 13 2014

How To Stay In Control Of Your Emotions During Tonight's Full Moon

The full moon has captured our imagination through the ages. Poets wax lyrical, tides swell, cults are dedicated to luscious lunar goddesses, and...

Ezzie Spencer Ph.D.
June 13 2014

How To Make Your Stress Work For You, Instead Of Against You

Stress has a bad reputation. You’ve probably heard that it’s going to kill you, or at least damage you in some way. Should you be working on it?...

Terry Wahls, M.D.
June 5 2014

8 Tips To Get More Flexible, Even When You Think You Can't (Video)

Want to do hard things without a struggle? Look to these tips to learn to move easy.

Michael Taylor
May 28 2014