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3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Life can feel like a full-time job with how much stuff is going on. Although it's really nice to feel free at times (I don't structure anything on...

Hayley Hobson
January 13 2014

How To Make Healthier Food Choices (No Drastic Changes Required!)

The word "diet" has such a negative connotation for me. It feels like it's all about restriction, qualifying your foods and placing constraints on...

​Ariel Richards
January 9 2014

Is Your Mental Diet Bringing You Down?

What we put in our bodies runs deep. Deep into our veins, deep into the cells that make up “us.” This we know. We know that a teaspoon of sugar...

Paula Watkins, PhD
January 8 2014

Do You Hate Meditating? Try These Activities Instead

Do you want to run wildly from the thought of meditating? Training the mind or inducing a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit can seem...

Alice Nicholls
January 7 2014

Why You Should Start Keeping A Journal

Writing in a journal can be beneficial for many different reasons. It can help you set, keep track of, and ultimately reach your goals; it can be a...

Brigitte Meinders
November 26 2013

5 Yoga Poses To Help You Live With Ease & Grace

Have you ever met those enigmatic human beings who seem to exude a calm, alert presence? They seem to live with ease and grace in word and movement....

Dani Marie Robinson
November 25 2013

Mindfulness Tips To Make Your Life Feel Magical

Mindfulness and acting have a lot in common, apparently. What would that be? Both of them require that we cultivate and refine our ability to do...

Paula Watkins, PhD
November 22 2013

Everyone Has A To-Do List. Here's How To Make It Part Of Your Meditation

Ah, those to-do lists. Thoughts about all the "stuff" we need to do are a special part of meditation — especially for us modern folk.

Paula Watkins, PhD
November 13 2013

Are You All Work And No Play?

There's nothing impressive about constantly proclaiming to the world how much of an overworked, exhausted workaholic you are, and how stressed and...

Belinda Anderson
November 11 2013

How To Change Your Life In 60 Seconds

We spend so much time living in the past and the future that we forget we're alive right here, right now. This can be one of the most unhealthy habits...

Kristen Hedges
November 1 2013

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Savasana

Savasana (Corpse Pose) is really my favorite pose no matter how vigorous or mellow my practice ends up. I love when I can have a few extra minutes in...

Jasmine Pilar
October 30 2013

Why Having More Time Won't Solve All Your Problems

Time can be a sensitive issue. It can seem as scarce as water during a draught. We find ourselves grasping for more, trying to buy more, or hoarding...

Alena Gerst
October 21 2013

Do You Feel Weighed Down By Guilt? Read This

Having "a weight on one's conscience" is a term many people use when feeling guilty about something, or if we feel we've done something that goes...

Ani Richardson
October 18 2013

How To Keep Your Thoughts From Sabotaging Your Life

Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are deeply interconnected. The science of positive thinking has received increased attention recently, but it's...

Nityda Lupkin
October 14 2013

6 Simple Ways To Get Happy NOW

There’s been so much funding pumped into studies on what happiness is and how to get more of it that the media has now dubbed it “the happiness...

Jude Bijou, M.A., MFT
October 12 2013

Is It Possible To Live With Ease?

How can I truly live with ease? How long must I wait until I’m able to transcend being human? I’m constantly waffling between two worlds: one riddled...

Dani Marie Robinson
October 7 2013

What Every Yoga Teacher Needs To Know About The SI Joint

I was working it in a pretty fast-paced vinyasa class. Things in my body freely opened. As for my earlier back pain, it was nonexistent. It was one of...

Sasha Voronenko
September 27 2013

What To Do When Your Plans Fall To Pieces

The world in which we live encourages us to set plans, think about the future and have structure. It’s one of the subtle ways fear is integrated into...

Rebecca Hulse
September 25 2013

14 Things I Wish All Women Knew About The Pill

When I was in my twenties, health was about fixing problems, not listening to my body. Got a mild breakout? Well, birth control pills can help. Can't...

Colleen Wachob
September 13 2013

15 Signs You've Stopped "Doing Yoga" & Have Become A Yogi

Yoga is becoming more and more popular. But how do you know when yoga has become a way of life for you? Here are 15 signs that your yoga practice has...

Ali Washington
September 12 2013