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What To Do When Your Mind Won't Let You Meditate

As a meditation teacher, people frequently tell me they want to meditate but their mind won't let them. Whenever they try to sit and quiet their mind,...

Tom Spector, PhD
January 13 2015

Is Free Will Really Possible?

Free will happens when a person is absolutely independent of the world, and thinks, speaks and chooses without any influence from the environment or...

January 12 2015

Trouble Sleeping? 4 Techniques That Really Work

Telling our brain it's time for sleep can be a challenge. It may not be done telling us stories for the day, or it may be more interested in going...

Chris Pritchard
January 2 2015

Personality, Not Intelligence, Is Most Important For Success

If you think you did well in school simply because you were smarter than the rest of your classmates, you should probably think again. According to a...

Emi Boscamp
January 2 2015

CDC Calls This Season's Flu "An Epidemic"

After this season's flu claimed the lives of 15 children, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has officially declared the illness an epidemic.

Emi Boscamp
December 31 2014

Does Food Taste Better When You're Stressed?

After a long week of work, how good does a nice, long sip from your favorite drink taste?

Emi Boscamp
December 30 2014

Why You Should Question Everything You Know About Food

The biggest issue we have with diet and nutrition today is a lack of skepticism. We read a study and take it as gospel because it was written by a...

Emi Boscamp
December 30 2014

Facebook Apologizes For Emotional Pain Caused By "Year In Review" Posts

When I saw the "Year in Review" post on the top of my Facebook News Feed, I groaned. With its bright-colored, confetti-like designs, it was menacing...

Emi Boscamp
December 29 2014

The #1 Question That Will Help You Turn Around Any Negative Situation

My five year old son recently asked me, "Mom, why are there bad guys in the world?" Without much thinking I replied, "Because without them no one...

Maureen Gilbert
December 24 2014

Study Finds 6% Of the World Is Addicted To The Internet

We all spend too many hours a day tangled in the Interwebs — reading uplifting articles our mothers sent us, watching funny videos our friends posted...

Emi Boscamp
December 19 2014

7 Tips For Better Communication In All Of Your Relationships

A major cause of stress for most people is the realm of interpersonal relationships. Whether with your partner, at home with family members, with...

Michael T. Murray, N.D.
December 14 2014

Here's What Yoga Diving In Bali Looks Like

I like to invoke the tree as my symbol of spirituality — to remain consciously aware without reaction, while still radiating love and light.

Andrea Ridgway
December 13 2014

Is Porn Addiction A Fact Or Fallacy?

Sexual and erotic imagery has been around for thousands of years, but never before has porn been as easily accessible as it has become in the last 15...

Gia Ravazzotti
December 3 2014

How I Got My Period Back

At one point in time, I really had it all together. At least I looked like I did.

Elle Griffin
December 1 2014

11 Ways To Find Spirituality When You Can't Get To A Shaman

For those who have seen my my documentary film, Talking Story, or read the accompanying book that chronicles my journey around the world to explore...

Marie-Rose Phan-Lê
November 30 2014

Want More Sexual Intimacy In Your Relationship? This Plan Can Help

In my work as a therapist and my husband David's work as a relationship coach, we find that there are common differences in how partners approach...

Tracy Wikander
November 30 2014

Go On A Digital Detox With These 6 Steps

It is time for a Digital Detox. Yes, you read this correctly ... on your digital device. After likely months and years without stopping to take some...

Lauren Imparato
November 30 2014

6 Reasons You Can (And Should) Feel Hopeful Every Day

No matter what you are struggling with in your life, whether it be a difficult relationship, painful diagnosis, or just general disenchantment with...

Padhia Avocado
November 29 2014

5 Ways To Get What You Want In Bed

In my sexuality education workshops, there is one question people ask me very often: "How do I tell my partner what I like?"

Emma Dixon, PhD
November 25 2014

How Yoga Teaches Us To Honor Our Pain

We often hear a phrase like this in any given fitness class or other form of exercise. Whether it comes from an instructor or the practitioner's mind,...

Manmohan Singh
November 23 2014