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7 Green Superfoods That Should Be On Your Plate

Eat your greens! How many times did you hear that as a kid? How many times have you said it as an adult? Well, there’s a reason it keeps coming back...

Nicole Geraci
March 25 2013

What The Numbers On Produce Stickers Really Mean

Have you ever wondered what the numbers on those produce stickers mean? The four- or five-digit numbers can actually tell you a lot about the produce...

Alethea Copelas
March 19 2013

Vegan Recipe: Kale, Butternut Squash, And Black Rice Bowl With Lemon Tahini Sauce

I'm a big fan of hearty one-bowl meals, especially in the winter. They warm the body and the soul. This kale, butternut squash, and black rice bowl is...

Alethea Copelas
March 7 2013

Food Combinations: The Secret To Healthy Eating

The discomfort of indigestion is so common in today’s society that it's almost considered normal. Instead of using medication to suppress symptoms,...

Elizabeth Rocchino
March 2 2013

Eating ORGANic: Kidneys

The ORGANic series will focus on eating for your organs. Each installment will discuss a different organ, signs that it’s out of whack, and how to...

Danielle DuBoise
February 26 2013

How To Turn Your Campus Into A Wellness Retreat

Whether you are student, staff member, or instructor at an institution of higher learning, college can bring a wealth of unwanted stress. As midterms...

Hannah Ziemba
February 26 2013

Recipe: Mushroom Tacos In Butter Lettuce

Mexico and its cuisine hold a special place in my heart. My husband and I took our first vacation together to Tulum, where we fell in love with the...

Sara Jane Mercer
February 22 2013

Supercharged Matcha Smoothie!

This smoothie gives a nice buzz without the jitters or lows you get a few hours after coffee. The coconut oil and avocado will give your blood sugar...

Tiffany Cruikshank
February 22 2013

5 Fats That Don't Make You Fat

There are a lot of myths out there regarding nutrition. We are always eager to try the next health fad or new diet in hopes of dropping pounds and...

Jen Broyles
February 4 2013

5 Sources of Plant-Based Protein You Can Find Easily

Recently my boyfriend has been hitting the gym hard and is looking to eat a diet higher in protein to build muscle and shed his post-college beer...

Gina Gibbons
January 11 2013

11 Foods You Need In Your Life

When it comes to wellness, and nutrition in particular, a great tool to try is “crowding out,” essentially adding more to your diet, instead of taking...

Rachel Frank-Tuomey, M.A.
January 7 2013

10 Best Superfoods for Women

Food is an important part of pleasure. And getting — and staying — healthy can often be as simple as optimizing what we eat. But how do you know what...

Aviva Romm, M.D.
November 26 2012

Interesting Facts About Avocados (Infographic)

Olivia Wilde called avocados her "crack" and Kathryn Budig said she'd even marry one :) Check out this interesting infographic from lemon.ly:

October 3 2012

5 (Healthy!) Ways to Feed Your Inner Chocoholic

My name is Rebecca, and I’m a chocoholic. Ironically, I hated chocolate for my entire life until my rather recent discovery of Mother Nature’s gift to...

Rebecca Leffler
October 1 2012

15 Must-Have Grocery Items for a Happy Belly

Digestion is a cornerstone of health. You might be used to hearing that we are what we eat, but Ayurveda, an ancient science of life and health, says...

Nadya Andreeva
September 18 2012

How to Make a Lighter Guacamole (with Superfoods!)

Some people crave cookies. I crave guacamole. Crave it. Need it. Must have it now. I already use avocados a lot in my recipes because they’re...

Julie Morris
September 1 2012

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

If you are trying to be healthy and avoid or cut back on sugar, wheat and dairy, breakfast can be the trickiest meal to find healthy but decent...

Katrina Love Senn
August 18 2012

9 Must-Eat Foods for Vibrant Health

The real secret to healthy eating and creating vibrant health is to have easy access to the right types of foods in your kitchen cupboards.

Katrina Love Senn
August 9 2012

5 Reasons Why Vegans Have Better Sex

Veganism is more than a diet; it is a philosophical lifestyle choice. A vegan does not eat anything that is of animal origin, nor will they use...

Lisa Mitchell
July 27 2012