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The Incredible Healing Modality You've Never Heard Of (But Should)

"There's a powerful new healing modality that hasn't made it to the mainstream yet, and it's something I think you should know about."

Emma Seppälä, PhD
July 26 2016

What You Really Need To Know About The Study Linking Folate & Autism

Researchers found that in women who had very high levels of folate right after giving birth, the risk of their babies being diagnosed with autism...

Alice Domar, PhD
May 19 2016

Women's Running Magazine's New Covergirl Is A Runner With Autism & Epilepsy

Women's Running magazine held its third annual reader contest to feature one runner on the cover. And they just announced their history-making winner,...

Emi Boscamp
December 1 2015

3 Things People Get Wrong About Autism

Recently, I was rounding up my three boys for bedtime. The younger two had already gone up the stairs, but my oldest son Jack, 11, who has autism, was...

Dr. Andrea Libutti
November 20 2015

Meet Julia: Sesame Street's First Muppet With Autism

In order to destigmatize mental conditions, we need to teach kids that it's not something to be ashamed of but something to be proud of instead.

Emi Boscamp
October 21 2015

If You've Got Anxiety, Blame Your Microbiome

There's long been an intuitive association between stress and your stomach. For instance, when you feel anxious, you might notice that your stomach...

September 23 2014

7 Scientific Examples Of When Yoga Is The Best Medicine

One of the greatest challenges of health care is how to bring yoga to those in greatest need yet unable to afford or access it. Bridging the gap are...

Lawrence Rosen, M.D.
April 25 2014

Jenny McCarthy Explains Her Vaccine Position

Jenny McCarthy has defended her position on the divisive issue of vaccination. In an op-ed published this Saturday, the 41-year-old former Playboy...

April 14 2014

Father's Obesity May Be A Risk Factor For Autism, Study Says

With diagnoses of autism rising at staggering rates, the hunt for its causes continues, often with frustratingly inconclusive results. A study...

April 7 2014

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Autism

This epidemic will continue to grow unless we in the medical field are willing to be courageous and change our current mindset.

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
April 1 2014