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7 Signs You're Living Your Truth

It takes courage to be the person you really are. There's no magic pill or solution to make this to happen, especially in a world that constantly...

Lauren Stahl
March 22 2015

10 Signs You're The Best Version Of Yourself

Sure, we're all a work in progress, but that doesn't mean the person you are today isn't good enough. People who are happy and successful get there by...

February 24 2015

40 Habits Of Highly Authentic People

We live in a contradictory world. As children, we were encouraged to be true to ourselves and pursue our dreams. Yet as adults, we are often pressured...

Mark Zhang
January 16 2015

7 Mantras To Help You Become Your Most Authentic Self

"It's not that bad." "It's not like I tooooootally hate it. It's just not 100% me. But what is? Is that even a realistic expectation?" "Part of being...

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
December 31 2014

Why "Settling Down" Shouldn't Be A Goal At Any Age

From a young age, we're taught that "settling down" is critical to our success as women and men, adults and citizens, spouses and parents. Stable,...

Wyndham Wood
December 29 2014

Ha-Ha-Om! Try These Stress-Busting Laughter Yoga Exercises

To many of us, laughter is a mystery. The only thing we really know is that we love to do it. There's nothing quite like those gut-busting fits with...

Thomas Flindt
November 5 2014

Why Narcissists, Manipulators & Psychopaths Get Power

Do you work with someone who is toxic, but who nevertheless seems to rise through the ranks faster than everyone else? To the point that you doubt...

Samantha Sutton, PhD
September 29 2014

Why We All Need A Good Chuckle: A Laughter Expert's Advice

Since 2003, I have been laughing with more than 30,000 people from over 1,000 different companies in Denmark. In my laughter classes, whether I’m...

Thomas Flindt
September 2 2014

7 Ways To Lean In Without Burning Out

After getting my MBA from Stanford and spending almost a decade working in finance, I got to a point in my career where I was “successful” by all...

Vanessa Loder, MBA
August 25 2014

5 Signs You're Emerging As A Feminine Leader

When I was first emerging into my feminine power, I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, and I definitely didn’t know what to call it. But the sense...

Chantal Pierrat
August 19 2014

How To Access A Divine Perspective In The Face Of Extreme Pain

The golden key to finding true authenticity lies buried deep inside our own hearts, just waiting to be discovered. Many of us have no idea that this...

Julie Piatt
August 13 2014

10 Easy Ways To Bring Yoga Into Your Life Every Day

One of my clients came for a session recently after taking a long break from yoga. She had been busy with work and travel and at the start of our...

Karen Fabian
August 8 2014

What I Learned When I Finally Embraced My Sexuality

For years, I stuffed down the fact that I was gay. I so badly wanted to fit in with everyone else that I lived my life to appease others. I became...

Lauren Stahl
July 22 2014

11 Steps To Prepare You For The Greatest Love Of Your Life

The moment my husband first flashed his delightful grin at me, I recognized him as the man I would someday marry. I was, at the time, awakening into...

Naomi Pabst, PhD
July 20 2014

6 False Beliefs That Are Keeping You From Finding The Right Partner

Finding the right man is no easy task in this world. In my coaching work, I've helped hundreds of women overcome their own limiting beliefs, which are...

14 Mantras To Stick To Your Path, Even When You're Doubting Yourself

If you've chosen to take the path less traveled, you know what a roller coaster ride it is. The ups, the downs, the twists and the wild turns that you...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
June 19 2014

7 Secrets To An Amazing Love Life

Ahhhhh, sweet love. Don’t we all just die for it? The fireworks. The giddiness. The butterflies in the stomach. Connection. Companionship. The...

Naomi Pabst, PhD
June 9 2014

20 Tips To Be Your Most Authentic Self

Moving forward with wisdom and joy requires regular “stops” to reconnect with our true selves, the essence of who we are. Although we may be evolving...

Betsi Iris Mufson
June 5 2014

5 Simple Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk (No Yoga Mat Required!)

Notice the position of your body right now. Are you slumped over in a chair? Are your shoulders collapsing in towards each other? Is your neck...

Jen Kluczkowski
June 3 2014

5 Things Confident Women Do Differently

We all know those women — the ones who stride with an air of grace into a room. They’re not always the thinnest, prettiest, or smartest. They’re not...

Saren Stiegel
May 20 2014