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Banish Negative Thoughts & Take Control Of Your Life

Thoughts are powerful energy. Our thoughts drive our emotions, which drive our behaviors, and ultimately determine our actions — what kind of life we...

MaryBeth Sigler
April 27 2013

Why I'm A Rich Yoga Teacher (Even Though I'm Not Wealthy)

I’ve heard it said, “Some people are so poor. All they have is money.” At my studio this week, as part of a six-week challenge, we’re examining our...

Amber Shumake
April 25 2013

How To Cope During A Crisis

I came home from a trip to Italy on the night of April 13. I spent the 14th in a state of jet lag and macchiato withdrawal, nursing quite a headache...

Sara Seinberg
April 20 2013

Want To Know Who Your True Friends Are?

Hard times will reveal true friends. Now isn't that the truth? I know you're all shaking your heads in unison.

Kelly O'Brien
April 4 2013

Failure: Are You Avoiding It Or Learning From It?

If you're anything like me, 2013 has been a year of growing pains. I took on new responsibilities in my job that push me to do a whole bunch of things...

Samantha Sutton, PhD
April 1 2013

Want To Break Up With Sugar? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

It’s taken me at least a couple of years to get to where I am now with sugar.

Lesh Karan
March 31 2013

Are You A Passive, An Aggressive, Or An Assertive Communicator?

Do you find yourself frustrated when you feel you are not being heard? Do you get upset when your partner didn’t hear what you just said? Do you get...

Why Having A Gun To My Head Made Me Trust My Heart

On January 1, 2012 a lost soul held a gun to my head.

Jaime Posa
March 21 2013

How A Breakup Helped Me Understand Love

As a love coach, I'm dedicated to guiding people toward clarity and peace in relationships. So it seems appropriate for me to tell you how I gained...

Shelly Bullard
March 15 2013

The Subtle Power Of A Positive Hand Gesture

Last week I was pulling into the precarious parking lot of my yoga studio. It involves driving up a steep ramp and often waiting for a space, or even...

Rebecca Seed
March 14 2013

Your Inner, Dark Femininity: Power Or Poison?

We’ve likely never met before, but I’m hoping I can trust you with something that's pretty darn personal (and incredibly vulnerable) for me to share.

Sara Avant Stover
March 14 2013

How Yoga Helped Me Make Friends With My Chronic Illness

I know, this sounds a bit odd, and it’s not the message we're used to hearing.

Shawnee Thornton
March 8 2013

Don't Get Derailed By Toxic Thoughts! Here's How To Free Your Mind For Better Things

Stop, drop and roll. If you were raised in the era that I was, those three words were emblazoned across your childhood consciousness by Jake the...

Samantha Sutton, PhD
March 7 2013

5 Ways To Turn A "Bad" Yoga Class Into A Learning Experience

Most yoga practitioners have experienced a “bad” class. Maybe the music doesn’t fit with the flow. Maybe the teacher moves the students into a pose...

Sarah Yurch
March 3 2013

There's No Ego In Yoga

"Yoga is the martial art of the soul, and the opponent is the strongest you've ever faced: your ego."

Sean Devenport
March 2 2013

The Power Of Exploration: A Personal Journey of Meditation

I had always encouraged friends to follow their heart, set goals, and climb, climb, climb. In my young 27 years, I knew being at inner peace and...

Rachel Wells
March 2 2013

Why Do People Shut Down When Angry?

Anger is an expression of an underlying emotion of hurt. If you get angry, it means you are hurt somewhere within, it implies that you are not yet...

Om Swami
October 10 2012