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Why I Left Conventional Western Medicine To Find Fulfillment

Like every other young doctor in the 1970s, I came of age in medicine knowing absolutely zero about the mind-body connection. My medical specialty was...

Deepak Chopra
November 13 2013

Control Your Anger Or It Will Control You

Any anger you choose to hold onto with a death grip will ruin your life. Anger is a healthy emotion, but when it festers and controls your reactions,...

Kelly O'Brien
October 19 2013

Why I Won't Wait For My Father To Apologize

My parents went through a dragged-out divorce. Then my father vanished out of my life on my 15th birthday. Before he disappeared that day, he told me...

Hali Tsotetsi
October 8 2013

How To Forgive (Even When You Feel Like You Can't)

If we're honest, don’t we all have some deep-seated grudge towards someone or something? A heavy heart, lost loved one, or a belief that we've been...

Tina Williamson
September 30 2013

​The One Secret To Changing The World That Nobody Talks About

You can’t change something by making it wrong. You can only effect change if you can wake up the sleeping people, and in order for them to hear you,...

Dr. Lissa Rankin
September 23 2013

4 Simple Techniques To Melt Away Fear

Think of the last time you were talking to someone you’re in relationship with, be it your partner, a close friend, or a colleague. At some point in...

Nicole Taylor Linehan
August 30 2013

How I Learned To Forgive My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

I found compassion and then forgiveness for my ex-boyfriend, Bob. He was physically and emotionally abusive. I in no way think his behavior is OK, and...

Taraleigh Weathers
August 29 2013

3 Things Jesse From 'Breaking Bad' Can Teach Us About Guilt

There's no one on Breaking Bad more depressed about the consequences of his actions than Jesse Pinkman.

Jude Bijou
August 27 2013

Got PCOS? Maybe It's Time To Get Off The Pill

During the early part of my life, my periods were all over the map. I experienced vicious cramps and intense cravings for sweets. Sometimes I felt...

Melissa Ramos
August 21 2013

How To Deal With Every Annoying Person You Meet

I'm going to be honest with you: I don't like everyone I meet. And I bet you don't either. Sometimes in life you come across someone who's not having...

Jo Beth Richards
July 21 2013

What Your Chakras Have To Do With Emotions In Yoga

It's been a long day and you're ready to seek solace on your yoga mat – woo-hoo! Forty-five minutes into class, your yoga instructor tells you to...

Stacy Michelle
July 8 2013

Is Suppressed Anger Making You Sick?

In its purest form, anger is concentrated balls of fire that bubble up from our depths. These balls of fire are our deepest passions, our life force,...

Courtney Prosser
July 3 2013

Is Your Spinach Stressed? 5 Tips To Put The Life Force Back Into Your Food

Our food carries within it a history of its life, and when we consume it, we consume that history.

Caitlin Vincek
June 17 2013

6 Ways To Get It Together When You're In A Funk

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another. You get into a bad mood which doesn’t seem to lift or get better, and before you know it you’re in...

Polly Noble
June 17 2013

5 Tips To Conquer Binge Eating

Living in the Big Apple in my 20s, there was always a party to be had. But there was one party where I was the sole invitee, surrounded by my choice...

Stacy Michelle
June 15 2013

How An Injury Helped Me Break A Cycle Of Control

I've been anticipating my upcoming summer trip to Italy forever it seems. I began buying sundresses six months in advance, started an official...

Katie Devine
June 14 2013

15 Reasons To Forgive Every Day

Every three months I take a 30-day yoga challenge. The challenge entails taking hot yoga classes everyday for 30 days. During the challenge, I also...

Hali Tsotetsi
June 14 2013

How Mindfulness Can Make A Terrible Conversation Worthwhile

It was a beautiful day for a hike up to the Hollywood sign. One of my favorite features of living in L.A. is being able to take long walks in the...

Julianna Raye
June 13 2013

Why Do I Feel So Angry After A Yoga Class?

I'd been feeling very irritated with someone lately, so I thought yoga would be just the thing to steady me. My dosha is pitta, so I can be prone to...

Irene Ross
June 3 2013

7 Questions To Help You Discover Who You're Supposed To Be

We’ve all experienced that stagnant sensation of feeling stuck. That period in life where nothing seems to be going right, and the smallest things...

Britney Stables
May 31 2013