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How To Celebrate People Who Piss You Off

Being human and existing in the world means that you’ll inevitably encounter people and situations that ruffle your plumage and rankle your...

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
August 24 2014

7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Happiness

I was in a nine-year relationship with a man I loved, but we fought way too much. We couldn't seem to agree on anything as a couple: how to eat, where...

Amita Patel, LMSW
July 27 2014

How To Figure Out What's REALLY Bothering Someone

The other day, as I was reading the user manual for our motorcycle, it struck me how great it would be if people had user manuals, too.

Samantha Sutton, PhD
July 11 2014

6 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life Instantly

According to a 2012 study of identical and fraternal twins conducted by scientists from top universities all around the world, only about a third of...

Shannon Kaiser
May 8 2014

5 Questions To Ask The Next Time You Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt occurs when we focus on what’s missing in us and on everything that’s going wrong in our lives, regardless of all the blessings and gifts...

Cynthia Belmer
January 27 2014

7 Feng Shui Tips To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

Finding a sanctuary in our modern world isn't always easy. Many of us work at home, or take work home from the office. Lots of you share spaces with...

Dana Claudat
January 23 2014

Why I Left Conventional Western Medicine To Find Fulfillment

Like every other young doctor in the 1970s, I came of age in medicine knowing absolutely zero about the mind-body connection. My medical specialty was...

Deepak Chopra
November 13 2013

Control Your Anger Or It Will Control You

Any anger you choose to hold onto with a death grip will ruin your life. Anger is a healthy emotion, but when it festers and controls your reactions,...

Kelly O'Brien
October 19 2013

Why I Won't Wait For My Father To Apologize

My parents went through a dragged-out divorce. Then my father vanished out of my life on my 15th birthday. Before he disappeared that day, he told me...

Hali Tsotetsi
October 8 2013

​The One Secret To Changing The World That Nobody Talks About

You can’t change something by making it wrong. You can only effect change if you can wake up the sleeping people, and in order for them to hear you,...

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
September 23 2013

3 Things Jesse From 'Breaking Bad' Can Teach Us About Guilt

There's no one on Breaking Bad more depressed about the consequences of his actions than Jesse Pinkman.

Jude Bijou
August 27 2013

5 Tips To Conquer Binge Eating

Living in the Big Apple in my 20s, there was always a party to be had. But there was one party where I was the sole invitee, surrounded by my choice...

Stacy Michelle
June 15 2013

Why Do I Feel So Angry After A Yoga Class?

Here are five reasons that yoga class might not make you feel so peaceful at times:

Irene Ross
June 3 2013

5 Essential Tips To Live A Frustration-Free Life

Your husband attacks his plate of food like a starving hyena, complete with slurps and growls. That slowpoke driver in front of you won't move out of...

Jude Bijou, M.A., MFT
May 18 2013

Banish Negative Thoughts & Take Control Of Your Life

Thoughts are powerful energy. Our thoughts drive our emotions, which drive our behaviors, and ultimately determine our actions — what kind of life we...

MaryBeth Sigler
April 27 2013

Failure: Are You Avoiding It Or Learning From It?

If you're anything like me, 2013 has been a year of growing pains. I took on new responsibilities in my job that push me to do a whole bunch of things...

Samantha Sutton, PhD
April 1 2013

Are You A Passive, An Aggressive, Or An Assertive Communicator?

Do you find yourself frustrated when you feel you are not being heard? Do you get upset when your partner didn’t hear what you just said? Do you get...