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Why Just Quitting Isn't Enough—What It REALLY Takes To Heal From Addiction

When I got real with myself, I realized the reason that booze and I had gotten to be such good friends was the fact that I had no other way of dealing...

Katherine Arati Maas
May 20 2016

Taking A Break From Booze? 7 Tips For Actually Sticking With It

If you slip up, so what? Who cares? Dust yourself off, learn from your mistakes, and come back stronger.

Andy Ramage
May 16 2016

The Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From Recovering Addicts

When I ask these men about their difficult lives, with experiences so tragically varied yet somehow universally similar, I never cease to learn...

Gayle Saks
May 3 2016

The Scary Truth About Millennials And Alcohol Abuse

Thirty-one percent of American alcoholics are young people, and over half of young alcoholics have been diagnosed with anti-social personality...

Lena Elkins
April 29 2016

I'm Not An Alcoholic, But Here's How I Knew I Needed To Stop Drinking

No, I'm not a recovering alcoholic. No, I haven’t adopted any radical diets that dictate abstinence, or discovered religion. It’s simply that I...

Annie Grace
April 21 2016

8 Reasons Women Cheat

Research suggests that women, much more so than men, are looking for emotional connection when they cheat. But what are the other differences?

Rob Weiss
April 18 2016

Why You Might Need A Totally Sober Lifestyle (Even If You're Not An Addict)

Vulnerability requires authenticity, and authenticity requires vulnerability. Neither of these outcomes is encouraged by the crutch of substances....

Biet Simkin
April 7 2016

Science-Backed Reasons To Add Coloring To Your Self-Care Practice

From stress and anxiety reduction to mindfulness and self-compassion, here are eight reasons the simple act of coloring should be a part of your...

Judy Clement Wall
April 5 2016

The One Change I Made To Overcome Years Of Depression & Anxiety

When I sought healing from depression, my drinking habits were never under scrutiny. But after I stopped drinking, I noticed my depression and anxiety...

Annie Grace
March 23 2016

What Everyone Should Understand About Addiction

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA's) National Helpline at...

Dr. Patricia L. Ryding
March 7 2016

The Insidious Type Of Sexual Abuse You Might Be Ignoring

Covert incest survivors typically display the same adult-life symptoms and consequences as victims of overt sex abuse.

Rob Weiss
March 3 2016

This is What ACTUALLY Causes Addiction

The more times a child is traumatized, the greater the likelihood of addiction and other later-life problems.

Rob Weiss
February 23 2016

A Question To Help You Assess Your Relationship With Alcohol

Although I wasn't physically addicted, I believed that alcohol was vital to enjoying myself at social occasions and to relaxing at the end of a long...

Annie Grace
February 8 2016

Chelsea Handler Made A Docu-Series You Should Definitely Be Watching

We've always known comedienne Chelsea Handler had an opinion. But after saying goodbye to her long-running talk show, Chelsea Lately, after 8 seasons,...

Allison Daniels
January 25 2016

6 Signs You're Dealing With A Sex Addict

Typically, regardless of age, race, gender, social history, or psychological underpinnings, the core signs and symptoms of sexual addiction are the...

What It's Really Like To Live With Severe Anxiety (From Someone Who's Been There)

While my friends and family enjoyed life’s simplest pleasures, I spent years frequently burdened by fear, hesitation, and uncertainty. My reservations...

Quentin Vennie
January 8 2016

I Went From 6 Cups Of Coffee A Day To Zero. Here's How

I used to live on coffee. It was the thing that got me started in the morning and kept me going all day long. I was an addict for that next cup, and...

Jeanette Bronée
November 30 2015

My Double Life As A High-Functioning Alcoholic (And How I Finally Found Happiness)

For most of my mid-30s and early 40s, it looked like I had it all together.

Tyler C. Beaty
November 29 2015

10 Things No One Says To Depressed Or Anxious People (But Probably Should)

Several years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with clinical depression. At the time, I was consumed with fear. My obsessive thoughts dictated my actions....

Shannon Kaiser
November 21 2015

I Had A Great Job, A Loving Boyfriend ... But I Couldn't Stop Using Drugs & Alcohol

During my twenties, I developed a dangerous relationship with cocaine. Thursday to Sunday every week, it was all about getting together with a group...

Natalie Edwards
November 13 2015