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How Acro Yoga Transformed My Sex Life

Things are about to get steamy.

Ava Johanna
February 10 2017

Why This AcroYogi Makes It A Point To Get Upside Down & Sweat Every Single Day

"Even if something in your personal or work life doesn't go spectacularly, if you work out, you go to sleep with some sense of accomplishment."

Leigh Weingus
September 28 2016

A Workout That's Good For Your Sex Life & More

How often do you truly let your husband hold you? I’m not talking about a hug when you walk in the door, but a life-or-death hold you up kinda moment.

Christine Egan
August 20 2015

10 Truths About Men & Women I Learned From Teaching AcroYoga

Even though it might look like an adventure novel, don’t judge a yoga book by it’s cover. AcroYoga isn’t just a simple combination of Acrobatics or...

Daniel Scott
March 10 2014

8 Things You Should Know About AcroYoga

Like any physical practice, yoga or otherwise, AcroYoga is a dynamic offering that can seem both simple and complex.

Daniel Scott
February 15 2013