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What I Learned From My Favorite Yoga Teacher

My relationship with yoga used to be a lot like dating. I would try different types of yoga and seek out new locations, never really committing to a...

Shannon Kaiser
April 30 2013

How To Make Your Anxiety Work For You

I have a client-centered confession: I prefer working with anxious people.

Linda Esposito
April 25 2013

Cancer Taught Me I Can Fight Through Anything

You always think you’re going to be a fighter. If something bad happens, you tell yourself that you'll be resilient. You'll be strong. You'll fight....

Heather Von St. James
April 18 2013

How To Stay Present Even When You Feel Like You Can't

If I had a dollar for every time someone has mentioned Eckhart Tolle’s The Power Of Now recently, I’d be buying every MindBodyGreen reader a big green...

Katie Manning
April 17 2013

How Tai Chi Helps You Handle Aggressive People

Forget about your preconceptions of tai chi and create a blank slate to absorb this: Tai Chi is a martial art. It's practiced slowly for precision and...

Zoe Loke
April 15 2013

How To Get Your Man To Open Up (Without Making Him Run)

Women often ask me: How do I get my guy to open up more? How do I get him to connect? How do I get him to tell me his feelings? How do I…get him to be...

Shelly Bullard
April 9 2013

Lessons I Learned From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When you’re diagnosed with a long-term, chronic illness, it’s incredibly hard to get your head around it and manage it. I was so exhausted after my...

Katie Manning
April 5 2013

I'm Beginning To Learn Not To Take Everything Personally

A few months ago I went to a charity yoga event on the East Coast. Many teachers rotated onstage, leading sun salutations and other sequences for a...

Katie Devine
March 27 2013

Is "Loving Your Body" Too Feminized?

It’s become practically impossible to spend any time online without coming across some type of "love your body" rhetoric. Which is great, don’t get me...

Annie Koempel
March 26 2013

How To Deal With Fiery, Passionate Relationships

No one on the planet lights my soul on fire the way my man does. It's a fiery relationship — for better and for worse.

Shelly Bullard
March 25 2013

Confession: I Don't Always Feel Worthy Of Love

To celebrate my recent 35th birthday, I pulled together a week of festivities with various friends, dinners, yoga and brunches, all orchestrated so I...

Katie Devine
March 20 2013

How Compulsive Overeating Saved My Life

I can still remember it: a little, yellow house, with white trim directly across the street from my elementary school. Once inside, a world of...

Sami G
March 18 2013

7 Steps To Handle Loss Without Breaking Down

How do you get back in the game after grieving has left you feeling out of it?

Jean Compton
March 13 2013

How Yoga Helped Me Make Friends With My Chronic Illness

I know, this sounds a bit odd, and it’s not the message we're used to hearing.

Shawnee Thornton
March 8 2013

21 Steps To March Forth On March 4

Someone once brought to my attention that the date March 4 is maybe the only date that can be sort of translated as a sentence, or at least a command:...

Barry John Johnson
March 4 2013

10 Simple But Profound Ways Yoga Changed My Life (And Can Change Yours)

I started practicing yoga for the first time on my Wii Balance Board with Wii Fit Plus. I was getting over the brutal ending of my five-year...

Tanya Kemp
March 2 2013

3 Methods For Practicing The Art Of Active Patience

I like to look at nature and the system of yoga for answers to life’s questions. I know that sometimes I will not necessarily get direct responses,...

Rana Waxman
February 28 2013

How Yoga Helped Me Deal With My Best Friend’s Death

It had been almost 10 months since her shocking death: my young, beautiful, vibrant, life-loving, 25-year-old best friend, gone in an instant. The...

Amy Velasquez
February 21 2013

How to Turn Change Into a Positive Thing

Have you ever felt like your life is changing and it’s left you feeling unsettled and out-of-sorts?

Zoë B
November 27 2012

How to See With Your Own Eyes

My son had some homework on Albert Einstein to complete over the weekend. While doing some research, we came across this Einstein quote:

Louise Jensen
November 1 2012