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What I Gave Up When I Became A Parent (Plus 7 Things I Gained)

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mom. So after years dreaming about it, and over a decade professionally caring for children, I had a...

Emily Koch
November 15 2013

So You Had Your Heart Broken. It Doesn't Mean Your Intuition's Wrong

At some point, everyone has experienced a broken heart. The cheating spouse or deceiving romantic partner leaves us with a sense of betrayal we don’t...

Cathy Cox
November 14 2013

Everyone Has A To-Do List. Here's How To Make It Part Of Your Meditation

Ah, those to-do lists. Thoughts about all the "stuff" we need to do are a special part of meditation — especially for us modern folk.

Paula Watkins, PhD
November 13 2013

Do The Yoga Or Don't. Either Way, Let's Ditch The Dogma

It’s become more and more passe to insist that we share the same belief systems, likes and dislikes, and values. In many parts of the Western world,...

Kate Swoboda
November 6 2013

A Mini-Guide To Help You Become More Emotionally Savvy

Most of us don't have an easy time when it comes to feelings.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
November 1 2013

How I Finally Made Peace With My Body

I spent nearly two decades at war with my body. I would wake up to an image in the mirror and I would fight what I saw. I would wish for differently...

Hali Tsotetsi
November 1 2013

How To Handle That Jerk At Work

The character of business and technology has changed over the past few decades, but there's one thing that will remain constant as long as people...

Jude Bijou, M.A., MFT
October 31 2013

Why You Shouldn't Fear Rejection (Or Your Own Dreams)

For every one time I get accepted to a festival, a conference, a workshop in a new studio in a different city, I get at least five rejections.

Rebecca Butler
October 25 2013

What To Do After You Leave A Bad Relationship

Before we jump into this article, I want you to give yourself a pat on the back. You've realized that you don’t deserve to feel awful anymore, and...

Eileen Fedyna
October 21 2013

How To Keep Your Thoughts From Sabotaging Your Life

Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are deeply interconnected. The science of positive thinking has received increased attention recently, but it's...

Nityda Lupkin
October 14 2013

6 Simple Ways To Get Happy NOW

There’s been so much funding pumped into studies on what happiness is and how to get more of it that the media has now dubbed it “the happiness...

Jude Bijou, M.A., MFT
October 12 2013

Get Over Yourself & Try Something New

Trying something new can be intimidating for anyone, whether it’s starting a blog, launching a new product, beginning a coaching business or taking a...

Jean Compton
October 8 2013

How To Forgive (Even When You Feel Like You Can't)

If we're honest, don’t we all have some deep-seated grudge towards someone or something? A heavy heart, lost loved one, or a belief that we've been...

Tina Williamson
September 30 2013

21 Bad Habits To Avoid If You Want To Be Happy

We all want to be happy. We often talk about how badly we want happiness, yet we keep repeating the same unhealthy habits over and over again.

Cynthia Belmer
August 24 2013

20 Things Happy People Never Do

Our obsession with happiness is linked to our inner desire to feel connected and loved. When we're happy, we feel confident, purposeful and in harmony...

Shannon Kaiser
August 16 2013

7 Pearls Of Wisdom To Guide You To A Great Life

Last week marked my second birthday to endure without my mother’s embrace. I engineered it to be a day full of yoga. I took a class early in the day,...

Rebecca Butler
August 16 2013

How Imperfection Can Help You Live A Healthy Life

In the last 15 years I’ve embraced healthy living: working out regularly, trying various styles of yoga, meditating, and eating whole foods whenever...

Tracy Howard
July 29 2013

Why You Should Practice Preventative Wellness Today

When I was diagnosed with a neurological disease that has no known cause, cure or truly viable treatment, it was a blessing in disguise.

Maria Mooney, MSW, LSW
July 22 2013

Stop Wasting Your Time & Start Pursuing Joy

Recently, I took a trip with my family to the Florida coast. On the first day of our vacation, I taught my favorite workshop — Avenues of Joy: A...

Rebecca Butler
July 16 2013