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3 Simple Exercises To Get Your Sexiest Shoulders Yet

When it comes to working muscles that make a difference in how our metabolism functions, shoulders are often neglected. What a lot of people don’t...

Traci D. Mitchell
July 26 2014

DIY: A Tonic To Cure Bloating For Good

Bloating can truly wreck havoc on your day. Imagine being at work, getting ready for a staff meeting and you start to not feel well. You’re feeling...

Jovanka Ciares
July 23 2014

Improve Your Balance & Strengthen Your Core With These Fun Exercises!

Your ability to balance gives you a world of knowledge about your level of fitness. Is your core strong? How tight are your hamstrings? Is your...

Julie Wilcox
July 4 2014

How To Get Better At Handstands (Even If You've Never Done One Before)

Not only are handstands an incredibly effective way to build shoulder and upper-body strength, they're great for core strength, increasing your...

Krista Stryker
June 26 2014

An 11-Minute Breathing Exercise For Stronger Abs & A Clearer Mind

After having my first baby, I noticed that my abdomen still looked like I was pregnant or like I had eaten a bit too many muffins.

Reshma Patel, DPT
May 5 2014

15 Fun Ways To Sneak Extra Movement Into Your Day

Say you go to a group fitness class, do an exercise DVD, or go for a run early in the day. Your exercise for the day is finished. Terrific! Now you...

Chris Freytag
April 24 2014

4 Exercises To Make Your Sex Life Incredible

As a mother of three kids who has been pregnant twice in the past three years, I know what life and love can do to your body. Feeling worn out has...

Erica Sawers
April 7 2014

3 Ways To Get More From Your Core Workouts

Whether your goal is to have flat abs, gain strength or be pain free, almost every exercise program contains a core component.

Nikki Naab-Levy, LMT
April 6 2014

The Skinny On Back Pain: What Works & What Doesn't

At any given time, 20 percent of us have back pain. During the last year, 40 percent of us have had back pain. Throughout our lives, 80 percent of us...

Dr. Patrick Roth
April 1 2014

Are You Walking All Wrong? Here's What You Should Be Doing

Walking is fundamental. Everyone does it day in and day out, but very few people ever think there's a right or wrong way to walk. We tend to stand up...

Jonathan FitzGordon
January 15 2014

4 Lies Fitness Instructors Tell Themselves

As fitness instructors, we work harder than anyone else in the room. Cueing, motivating, providing safety tips, demonstrating modifications,...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
December 9 2013

5 Exercises To Strengthen & Tone Your Abs

Have you ever noticed there are certain parts of your body that take more effort to strengthen than others? I’ve personally had this experience, and...

Kristen Matthews
September 17 2013

9 Everyday Ab Exercises To Develop Core Strength

You don’t need to spend hours, or even minutes, at the gym doing ab workouts to get a six-pack. You’d be surprised by how often you can tone your...

Julie Wilcox
March 12 2013

Getting to the Core of Things

Now activate your core is a phrase you're likely to hear in any fitness class, yoga included. But I wonder, what does that mean? And does the...

Hope Zvara
October 20 2012

Jill Miller: Unlocking the Power of Your Core

Jill Miller is a fitness expert with more than 26 years of experience in the moving arts of yoga, modern dance, Pilates, bodywork, and shiatsu. She is...

Eva Norlyk Smith
September 29 2012

7 Reasons Why Your Waistline Isn't Shrinking

Have you been doing everything 'right 'but you're still not losing weight? Here's what you might be doing wrong:

Autumn Brooks Clarke
September 24 2012

10 Reasons Why I LOVE Pilates

I have practiced Pilates since age 13 and never once been bored. Is it possible that one exercise system can keep inspiring and challenging you to be...

Jennifer Kries
September 20 2012

5 Mindful Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Recent research shows that we are not victims of our genetics. The fact that your genetic makeup may predispose your body to put on excess weight does...

David Starlyte
August 27 2012

Exercises to Look and Feel Great On the Beach

If you are going to be spending some time at the beach in August to close out your summer, use the sand and water to stay in shape with the myriad...

Julie Wilcox
July 27 2012

10 Minute Yoga & Pilates Abs Sequence for Home

While I love teaching my yoga and Pilates classes, I’m not a fan of going to the gym for a full-on balls-to-the-wall workout.

Erin Motz
May 25 2012