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3 Steps To Float Your Boat Pose

The core strength required for Boat Pose (Navasana) became much more accessible to me when I started working with a prop. This approach made the pose...

Carol Trevor
July 8 2015

Fire Up Your Core With These 7 Yoga Moves

A strong core can help us move through life with more ease and less injury, so that we are more readily available to others.

Rina Jakubowicz
July 5 2015

7 Tips For Strong, Defined Abs

In my nearly 20 years in health and fitness, I've often come across the same question: “I workout everyday, but I still have belly fat … why?”

Dasha Libin, M.S.
June 12 2015

6 Exercises To Strengthen Your Core & Improve Posture

Your core is the center unit of your entire body. It stabilizes your spine, pelvis, ribs and shoulders, so it's no surprise that the stronger your...

Nicola Reilly
June 5 2015

A 3-Minute Plank Challenge You Can Do Anywhere

Whether you’re an extreme athlete, gardener or just someone looking to feel better, having a strong core is key to maintaining and sustaining the...

Jeff Rogers
June 2 2015

The Only 3 Moves You Need For A Quick, Full-Body Workout

With summer around the corner, it's time to start thinking about some simple, quick and easy moves to tone, tighten and lift your booty. Luckily, this...

Christmas Abbott
May 12 2015

5 Squat Variations For Killer Legs (Equipment-Free!)

Who doesn’t want strong, sexy legs for summer shorts season? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need heavy weights for an effective leg...

Krista Stryker
May 7 2015

A 7-Minute Workout To Get Great Abs (Video)

Most people have weak abs and inner thighs. This is not only a bummer when it comes to swimsuit shopping, but it can also lead to other negative...

Annalicia Lynn
May 3 2015

A 20-Minute Ab Workout For A Super Strong Core

If you've been checking social media at all this past year, you've probably seen a few celebs sporting waist training corsets. The "science" behind...

Christine Bullock
May 1 2015

1-Minute Ab Moves To Shake Up Your Core Workout

Though you might not be able to see them, we all have the muscles that make up a six-pack. If you're on a mission to define your abs, eating well and...

Jinger Gottschall
April 22 2015

5 TRX Moves To Add To Your Next Workout

If you're looking to switch up your workout routine or are short on time, this TRX sequence is the perfect workout for you.

Monica Nelson
April 12 2015

The Only 3 Moves You Need For A Full-Body Workout

I don't know about you but I definitely don't always have enough time to get in a daily workout. So many of us often completely skip a sweat session...

Monica Nelson
April 2 2015

How To Build A Budget-Friendly HIIT Home Gym

One of the most appealing benefits of HIIT is the fact that you can do it anywhere with a limited amount of space and your own body weight. If you...

Gina Harney
March 18 2015

5 Reasons To Do Bridges Every Day

As you can imagine, a strong, toned rear has major benefits! Aside from making any bikini or pair of jeans look fabulous, strong glutes play a vital...

Nora Tobin
March 9 2015

4 Simple Moves To Work Your Whole Body (Video)

The smell of spring is already in the air and it's time to get our bodies moving again. If you've been lazing around the last couple of month, this...

Ines Festini
March 5 2015

5 Reasons To Do Planks Every Day

Planks are one of those exercises that will never go out of style, and for good reason. When it comes to core workouts, no exercise beats the plank in...

Nora Tobin
February 17 2015

A 3-Minute Total-Body Workout In Just 3 Moves

The benefits of exercise go far beyond the body and extend into every aspect of our lives — the psychological, spiritual, professional, personal....

Molly Sims
January 27 2015

The Only 4 Moves You Need For A Strong Core

These crunching (core) exercises are excellent for core strength, midline stability, and development of the abs and lower back.

Chris Powell
January 23 2015

Your 12-Day Total-Body Workout Plan For The Holidays

I absolutely love this time of year. While I reserve "the most wonderful time of year" title for March Madness, this is definitely a close second....

Shauna Harrison
December 13 2014