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Yoga Is Pro-Soccer Team's Secret Weapon!

The Tottenham Spurs pro-soccer team in the UK is looking to raise their level of play as they gear up for the playoffs. So what's their secret weapon?...

October 19 2011

4 Ways Yoga Helps Me Love My Inner "Husky" Child

I grew up as an overweight "husky" kid that spoke "white" and got good grades. I say that as a point of reference. Although I have a healthy sense of...

Anthony Ware
October 19 2011

Yoga Helps Man Lose 120 Pounds

When Ron Splude walked into his first yoga class twenty years ago, he was overweight, unhappy, and totally stressed-out. But then yoga began to work...

October 10 2011

Ryan Gosling - Yogi! (And Dog Lover)

We love that 30-year-old actor, Ryan Gosling, has joined the long list of men who are hitting the yoga mat! Apparently, Gosling his been bringing...

October 10 2011

11 Thoughts That Make Yoga Your Own

I recently broke all Twitter rules that I know of, and posted 11 Tweets in rapid-fire, all about yoga. Of course as my wife Tara likes to say, "Who...

Michael Taylor
October 5 2011

Sting at 60: Reflects on Yoga & Relationships

Can you believe that rock-star and yogi, Sting, is 60?! He talks about his relationship with wife and fellow yogi, Trudie Styler, mindfulness, and...

October 2 2011

Gerard Butler Ditches Weights for Yoga

41 year-old actor, Gerard Butler, is looking to slim down and get back into shape for his next role as a surfer...and he's ditching the weights and...

September 14 2011

David Regelin on Yoga Outdoors in NYC

If you ever thought that men who practice yoga aren't muscular, well, you need to check out David's videos.

Jason Wachob
August 29 2011

Colonel Yoga

Rural west Tennessee isn't exactly a yoga hub, far from it in fact. Cotton fields, pulled pork sandwiches, plastic tumblers filled with ice and wine,...

Shannon Hill
August 24 2011

Adam Levine: Yoga Revolutionized My Life

"I won't lie: At the beginning, it was 100 percent physical for me. I had lactic acid from working out. I couldn't touch my toes. People who say that...

August 1 2011

Soft Strength

What first comes to your mind when you think of strength or power? For me, it is nature. Things like the ocean or a tree or even the wind. The beauty...

Stuart Watkins
July 18 2011

Heidi Klum Gives Yoga a Whirl

When Heidi Klum decided to give yoga a whirl she turned to her friend and yogi, Russell Simmons, for guidance. The result: some very keen observations...

July 13 2011

Q & A with James Fox of Prison Yoga Project

James Fox changes lives with yoga as the founder and director of Prison Yoga Project, an organization dedicated to democratizing the physical practice...

Sarah Greenberg
July 12 2011

NBA Champ Jason Kidd's Off-Season Plan: More Yoga!

38-year-old NBA star Jason Kidd just won his first title with the Dallas Mavericks. So how will Jason be prepping for next season? Yoga!

July 6 2011

Derrick Williams Preps for NBA Draft with Yoga!

Former University of Arizona Basketball star, Derrick Williams, was the 2010 Pac-10 Player of the Year and is projected to be the 2nd pick in...

June 23 2011

Welsh Rugby Squad Preps for World Cup with Yoga

Wales's rugby squad has turned to yoga to prepare for September's World Cup in New Zealand.

June 21 2011

James Fox: The Healing Power of Yoga

"Yoga offers an alternative way of being with yourself and the world. It represents a personal support system that if practiced regularly can provide...

June 20 2011

Pro Football Players Corey Peters & Jeremy Jarmon Hitting Yoga Mat

Corey Peters of the Atlanta Falcons and Jeremy Jarmon of the Washington Redskins are hitting yoga class together in an effort to stay in shape this...

June 19 2011