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Yoga for Men

Why People Are Afraid To Try Yoga

As a yogi and personal trainer, I’ve noticed that many of my friends and clients get uncomfortable whenever I suggest they try yoga. Despite its...

Quentin Vennie
May 17 2013

Man Up: Get Over The Idea That Yoga's Just For Women

As a 28 year-old guy from Wisconsin, I overlooked yoga my entire life. I didn't think of it as exercise, but merely a type of stretching ... for...

Johnny Adamic
February 28 2013

5 Ways Yoga Will Improve Your Martial Arts

Before yoga, I practiced mixed-martial arts for nearly six years. Seeing my body transform has been very interesting to say the least. Along the way,...

Mike Yap
February 16 2013

I Was the Only Dude at Yoga Teacher Training

I recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program at an intensive 26 day retreat in Baja California Mexico.

Barry John Johnson
December 11 2012

10 Reasons Why Having A Little Girl Is The Greatest Joy In My Life

When my partner wanted to have a child, I said I was willing to talk about it and would need convincing. She said, "Well I think you'd be a great...

Marcus Julian Felicetti
December 10 2012

The 5 Best Yoga Poses for Men

As a man, yoga is one of the best workouts you can do. In fact, yoga is a must for anyone who seeks to boost his physical prowess while also promoting...

David Dack
December 7 2012

Crashing the Yoga Barrier for Men

Yoga is great cross-training for our whole life—sports, work, relationships, health, and more. It's best if men aren't kept away from all the benefits...

Michael Taylor
November 23 2012

3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Golf Game

In a major tournament, Jack Nicklaus was putting for the lead when a dog ran onto the green. Jack proceeded to sink the putt. Later, when asked if the...

Daina Wasserstrom
August 7 2012

Not Your Average Office Yoga Video

Do you use your toes to press vending machine buttons?

Tara Stiles
June 19 2012

5 Reasons to Take Your Dad to Yoga Class

My dad started private yoga sessions with me last fall. He was having some lower back and hip issues that I was confident yoga could help—they did and...

Jennifer White
June 14 2012

How Yoga Helps Us Exceed Our Limitations

Recently I received an honest query about backbending from a male practitioner and teacher of yoga. I love receiving this kind of note because it is...

Heather Morton
May 25 2012

Fashion vs. Function: What Should I Wear to Yoga Class?

The practice of yoga is one of paying close attention to how the body connects with the world it moves in. As you begin to cut out distraction and...

Daniel Scott
May 19 2012

Why Every Athlete Should Do Yoga

Just the other day I was having dinner with an old swimming buddy of mine, Mark Henderson, a former world record holder and Olympic Gold Medalist in...

Rich Roll
May 15 2012

3 Reasons Why Guys Need Yoga

For too long, women have tried to keep us guys out of their yoga classes. They've told us it's nothing but a little stretching. It will force us to...

Michael Taylor
April 10 2012

Dwyane Wade: Yoga & Juice Make Me Better

LeBron James said yoga was the secret to his endurance and now his teammate, NBA star Dwyane Wade is hitting the mat!

Jason Wachob
March 20 2012

How Long Until I'm More Flexible?

How long until I'm more flexible? Everyone else in the class is so flexible, and I’m rolling around on my mat like a wet log.

Daniel Scott
March 13 2012

Top 3 Yoga Secrets for Guys

A teacher of mine once told me: 'Using great force, you may defeat one enemy. Using little, you may defeat all enemies.'

Michael Taylor
January 24 2012

Robert Downey Jr Gets His Yoga On!

Robert Downey Jr. covers Men's Fitness magazine, where he's photographed getting his yoga on with our friend, rock-star yogi, Vinnie Marino!

Jason Wachob
January 15 2012

Yoga Helps Man Lose 120 Pounds

When Ron Splude walked into his first yoga class twenty years ago, he was overweight, unhappy, and totally stressed-out. But then yoga began to work...

October 10 2011