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Real World Meditation Tips from NYC Teens

What if you can't get to a cushion, meditation center, or yoga studio, but need to touch down into the present moment and connect with yourself? You...

Sarah Herrington
August 15 2011

Roseanne Barr Launching Yoga & Organic Cooking DVDs for Kids

Did you know that Roseanne Barr is an organic farmer? Well, Roseanne is hitting the mat as well as she's working on a yoga/cooking DVD series for...

August 15 2011

Keeping Yoga for Kids Simple

I had a blast teaching a group of 8 year-olds today. Sharing yoga with kids never ceases to amaze me. They dive in, fully, completely, without...

Karen Fabian
August 5 2011

Goodnight Yoga!

Sleep problems are very common among children. In fact, most kids aren't getting enough sleep at night. In 2004, The National Sleep Foundation...

Laurie Jordan
August 1 2011

Take a Deep Breath: Pranayama For Teens

I remember reading an article as a teen about "learning how to breathe." At the time I didn't get it... wasn't I already breathing? Weren't we all?...

Sarah Herrington
July 26 2011

Kids: Compassion + Curiosity

"He's beautiful. Does he like me?"

Sarah Herrington
July 11 2011

Kids Yoga Summer OMwork!

Remember those summer reading lists your teacher would give you for the following year? Well, I like to give summer Omwork (note: OMwork is much more...

Sarah Herrington
June 29 2011

Meditation Helps Kids Under Pressure at Toronto School

One of the best schools in all of Canada, where peer pressure revolves around getting good grades, has turned to meditation to de-stress students.

June 21 2011

Kid Yogis Talk: Why Yoga Rocks

I'm always telling everyone about the benefits of yoga for children. Studies show (and my experience teaching tells me) that yoga helps kids...

Sarah Herrington
June 16 2011

Child's Pose: Practicing Yoga & Working with Kids

There are two facets of my life that I use to define myself when introduced to new people. I use these two features because they are so different, an...

Lauren Burke
June 10 2011

Kids Get Their Meditation On India (Images)

If little kids can get their meditation on, then us adults can, too. Check out these adorable images of children meditating in India via Ryan Williams...

May 23 2011

Kids Yoga Taking Off in Washington DC

7-year-old Ella Farr says of her yoga practice, "I love how I can get my energy out in a calming way. It's very relaxing and mindful." When asked what...

Jason Wachob
May 11 2011

5 Reasons Kids Yoga Is Good for Schools

It may seem "new" or "alternative" to some, but I see kids yoga as having a very practical place in schools. How so?

Sarah Herrington
May 4 2011

Kids Learn Meditation to Deal with Loss

Our friend and resident kids yoga guru, Sarah Herrington, tipped us off to this extremely moving photo of children learning meditation in Burma.

May 4 2011

Kids Yoga at the White House Easter Egg Roll

"This is the best ride here!" said one enthusiastic young yoga student after his class in the Yoga Garden at the White House Easter Egg Roll. This was...

Leah Cullis
April 26 2011

White House Easter Egg Roll Featuring Kids Yoga

Next Monday marks the 133rd annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House. 30,000 people from 50 states will be in attendance making it the largest public...

April 19 2011

5 Reasons You Should Teach Kids Yoga

I enjoy teaching kids yoga so much, I think you should consider it, too! Especially if.....

Sarah Herrington
April 19 2011

Toddler Yoga Gaining Popularity in NYC

There are approximately 200 yoga studios in New York City. But only a few of those studios are offering toddler yoga -- and they're thriving according...

April 16 2011

Kids Yoga Playlist: Sarah Herrington

I love reading teacher's yoga playlists, so I thought I'd share a kid's yoga playlist. Kids need music, too! This playlist is great for the 5-10 age...

Sarah Herrington
April 15 2011

Yoga & Meditation Boosts Kids Grades in School

How do you get kids to do better in school? Yoga and meditation! A school in the UK is having nine year old students do just this and with great...

Jason Wachob
April 12 2011