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Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids and Teens Coming Soon to a School Near You

While yoga has been practiced in schools across the country for several decades, lately the movement has sky rocketed. Organizations coast to coast...

Abby Wills, M.A.
January 6 2012

5 FREE Gifts to Share with Your Kids!

When we hear the word "free," our body releases. No strings attached. We liberate our mind from the expectation of giving something back in return. We...

Rachel Glowacki
December 22 2011

Yoga Teaches Inner-City Kids Self-Awareness

Darrius Douglas grew up in one of Baltimore's toughest areas. But thanks to a school yoga program, Darrius was able to turn his life around and says,...

December 12 2011

Kids Get Centered in Meditation Class

Andy Kelley aka, 'The Boston Buddha', teaches meditation to kids at an elementary school just outside of Boston. In the 45-minute class, the children...

December 9 2011

6 Kids' Yoga Poses to Keep Calm Through The Holiday Season

It's that time of year, and we just could not be any busier if we tried. In yoga, we call it the "Monkey Mind" or "Chitta" where thoughts keep popping...

Rachel Glowacki
December 9 2011

5 Essentials for Your Kids Yoga Kit

Congratulations! You've completed your kids' yoga teacher training and are on your way to teach your first kids yoga class. So other than your lesson...

Sarah Herrington
December 1 2011

Yoga Gets Kids Calm & Ready to Learn

Did you know that 98 percent of students who take yoga in school say that after yoga they're more ready to learn?

December 1 2011

Yoga Helps Teens Overcome Stress & Anorexia

Being a teenager can be pretty rough these days. But that's where yoga can come in and help teens deal with stress, depression, and even anorexia.

November 30 2011

5 Tips for Tech-Wary Yoga Parents

iPads are at the top of the wish list this holiday season. In fact, 44% of children ages 6-12 years old said they wanted an iPad more than any other...

Rachel Glowacki
November 29 2011

An Invitation Worth Giving Thanks

There is a huge difference between going deep and going in. Deeply understanding and knowing something is not the same level of experience as...

Amy Haysman
November 23 2011

Kids Yoga - Thanksgiving Style!

It's Thanksgiving! And as we all know, gratitude is a major practice in yoga. Here's how you can incorporate gratitude into a fun, Thanksgiving-themed...

Sarah Herrington
November 23 2011

Meditation Eases School Stress for Kids

Kids are more stressed than ever, as a recent survey found that students reporting 'good or above-average high school emotional health dropped to 51.9...

November 17 2011

What Schools Don't Know About Yoga

This week I learned a big lesson: while more schools are thankfully catching onto why yoga is a good curriculum addition, many schools still need to...

Sarah Herrington
November 16 2011

Yoga & Meditation Helps Teens with Asthma

Did you know that asthma accounts for 10 millions absences from school each year? Not to worry, a new study suggests that yoga and meditation can help...

November 4 2011

Helping Parents Connect to their Children Through Yoga

As a parent of two young children and a yoga instructor my goal is to bring yoga to as many people as I can. I want to live it, love it and teach it...

Erica Rowland
October 31 2011

Q & A with Hala Khouri: Yoga of Parenting

Hala Khouri is one of the most well-respected yogis in the world. She's also one of the creators of the incredible non-profit organization, Off the...

Jason Wachob
September 20 2011

Q & A with Laurent de Brunhoff: Babar Author

Babar is one of the most famous elephants in the world as the star of the incredible series of eponymous children's books. (My favorite is Babar's...

Jason Wachob
September 15 2011

Yoga Adventures in Babysitting

I chatted with Alexa Woods, a NYC yogi and babysitter who has found bringing yoga to the kids she babysits helps them to all bond and get along, while...

Sarah Herrington
September 8 2011

Alicia Keys Son Egypt Gets His Yoga On

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatzs' son, Egypt, may only be 10-months-old, but he's already getting his yoga on!

September 2 2011