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Yoga With Kids (Sweet Slideshow)

Seeing the joy in a child brings me back to the simple, innocent and wonder of this beautiful life. So when I have a chance to capture the joy of...

Robert Sturman
October 9 2013

5 Yoga Poses For Mommies & Babies

The joys of having a baby is more than anyone can ever describe, and as a mom of two, myself, I have found that unless you consciously choose to...

Hope Zvara
February 4 2013

6 Reasons Why Kids Should Practice Yoga

“Well, kids are flexible.” This is the primary comment I hear from parents when they find out that I’ve been an elementary school teacher for over 25...

Marlene Schick
August 23 2012

Mamaste: 5 Ways to Be a Yoga Parent

In yoga, and in the yogic life, there is a constant search for balance and peace both within ourselves and our relationships to others. As a mother of...

Bianca Neill
July 17 2012

5 Tips to Teach Children Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness were commonly seen as adult “pursuits” for many years, but that has all started to change. There is an increasing interest...

Lorraine Murray
July 17 2012

Let's Raise Some Lil' Bambino Yogis

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."

Robert Sturman
June 27 2012

5 Reasons Kids Should Do Yoga

Everyone seems to be doing yoga these days – from celebrities to professional athletes and everyone in between. Kids are even getting in on the yoga...

Sonya Klepper
June 21 2012

5 Ways to Get Teenagers Practicing Yoga

These suggestions come from my experience teaching yoga to teens in schools. The ideas can also be applied to yoga studio or community center...

Abby Wills, M.A.
June 15 2012

7 Steps to Love Your Life (And Really Mean It!)

How do you get to the place of “I love my life” when you don’t? How do you get there when you feel like your life has taken a wrong turn?

Jennifer Pastiloff
June 4 2012

What I Learned From Playing Yoga with My Son

I sneak in a few yoga poses during my day, in-between tending to my kids and their needs, practically forcing my mind to let go of the chatter and...

Katia Grodecki, MEd
May 17 2012

8 Creative Ways to Share Yoga with Children

As a kid's yoga teacher, I get the chance to explore artistic, creative ways of sharing the practice and its benefits everyday. What’s more, working...

Alexandra Moga
March 5 2012

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Living 'MindBodyGreen'

As we enter a new year, we set "healthier" goals for ourselves, which usually include eating better, exercising and being conscious of the world...

Rachel Glowacki
February 1 2012

7 Benefits of Yoga for Kids with Autism

"I like yoga because it makes my body feel safe." -- 6 year old with autism

Elizabeth Rowan
January 11 2012

Yoga for Kids and Teens Coming Soon to a School Near You

While yoga has been practiced in schools across the country for several decades, lately the movement has sky rocketed. Organizations coast to coast...

Abby Wills, M.A.
January 6 2012

5 FREE Gifts to Share with Your Kids!

When we hear the word "free," our body releases. No strings attached. We liberate our mind from the expectation of giving something back in return. We...

Rachel Glowacki
December 22 2011

6 Kids' Yoga Poses to Keep Calm Through The Holiday Season

It's that time of year, and we just could not be any busier if we tried. In yoga, we call it the "Monkey Mind" or "Chitta" where thoughts keep popping...

Rachel Glowacki
December 9 2011

5 Tips for Tech-Wary Yoga Parents

iPads are at the top of the wish list this holiday season. In fact, 44% of children ages 6-12 years old said they wanted an iPad more than any other...

Rachel Glowacki
November 29 2011

Helping Parents Connect to their Children Through Yoga

As a parent of two young children and a yoga instructor my goal is to bring yoga to as many people as I can. I want to live it, love it and teach it...

Erica Rowland
October 31 2011