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An Orange-Ginger Smoothie To Help Fight Cold & Flu

One thing I look forward to during the cold winter months is getting a shipment of fresh Florida oranges. Oranges have got to be one of my favorite...

Shannon Huckaby
January 10 2014

Why You Should Keep Taking Your Supplements

OK, once again we're compelled to man the battle stations in full damage control mode as the medical establishment and the media unleash yet another...

Ronald Hoffman, M.D.
December 23 2013

Does Anyone REALLY Need Supplements?

Most of us have taken vitamins for longer than we can remember. We started with chewable versions; later, we graduated to adult multivitamins. Over...

Isaac Eliaz, M.D., LAc
December 18 2013

Why Vitamin C Won't Cure Your Cold (And What Will)

Contrary to popular belief, mega-doses of vitamin C are not the best way to get over a cold. While vitamin C supplementation does support the immune...

Maria Marlowe
December 11 2013

12 Ways To Make Positive Change Last

As an orthomolecular nutritionist and mindfulness coach trained in naturopathy, I show people ways how to live happier and healthier. I'm convinced...

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna
November 28 2013

DIY: How To Store & Make Your Own Herbal Remedies

Back in the olden days (and even in the not-so-olden past and present homesteading days), a stillroom was a necessity in every rural home. This was a...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
November 21 2013

Easy DIY Beauty Recipes

Ever since I realized that regular store-bought beauty products contain a whole range of toxic ingredients that can do more harm than good, I've been...

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna
November 20 2013

Winter Is Coming! 10 Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System Now

Especially with the cold and flu season, it’s important to know what to do to keep a strong and balanced immune system to stay healthy and avoid...

Krystelle Fournier
October 30 2013

Soothing Blue Smoothie (Your Tummy Will Thank You)

I've been having some GI issues of late, and this smoothie really seems to calm my tummy. It's a beautiful deep blue, packed with antioxidants, and a...

Stefanie DelPrete
October 24 2013

Don't Assume That Runny Nose Is A Cold...

About this time of year, I often hear the phrase, “Something must be going around,” explaining away the itchy sore throat, fatigue, and headaches that...

Autumn Frandsen, N.D.
October 23 2013

4 Natural Ways To Promote Healing From Sports Injuries

After a sports injury or sprain, immediate first aid is very important. The acronym RICE summarizes the approach:

Michael T. Murray, N.D.
September 29 2013

My Favorite Vitamin Cures For Fantastic Skin

As an orthomolecular nutritionist, I specialize in vitamin cures and longevity strategies to help people become and stay as healthy as possible. I...

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna
September 24 2013

Is Your Diet Stressing You Out? Try These Foods Instead!

The amount of stress we have is directly proportionate to how out of control we feel. If you fall into a routine of aggressive stress, as you try to...

Shannon Kaiser
September 17 2013

9 Natural Ways To Treat Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition of the gums and support structures in the mouth. It causes bad breath and bleeding of the gums when...

Michael T. Murray, N.D.
August 1 2013

6 Great Ways To Get Vitamin C (Without Supplements!)

All of your vitamins are important — vital, even. Salespeople will use this fact to try to sell you supplements every day, and their vitamin is always...

Stacy Harrison
July 25 2013

All You Need To Know About Vitamin C

My old housemate was never real big on nutrition. One morning when we were gathered in the kitchen, he pulled a bottle of orange fruit drink out of...

Jess Ainscough
June 13 2013

Use Food To Prevent & Heal Sports Injuries

You’ve been training for months, maybe even years, for the big race. Yet, a quick snap, crackle or pop and it’s game over. Instead of heading to the...

Tamara Jacobi
May 10 2013

DIY: Easy (And Edible) Seasonal Fruit Facial

With summer around the corner there is a whole new batch of fresh produce for us to enjoy. From strawberries and rhubarb to beets and mangoes, there’s...

Sabrina Taylor
April 26 2013

The 6 Best Fruits & Veggies For Spring

Eating foods that are in season makes sense from an environmental and health standpoint. Eating local seasonal produce means you're getting the...

Margaret Wertheim
April 23 2013