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Hugh Jackman Vegan? Not Yet. Meditator? Yes.

Hugh Jackman is a huge fan of meditation, and you can watch him below talk to Howard Stern about how Transcendental meditation changed his life.

September 7 2010

Hugh Jackman Talks Meditation

In this brief two-minute video, Hugh Jackman tells Howard Stern that "meditation changed my life." Jackman started meditating fifteen years ago, and...

June 27 2010

David Lynch's First Meditation

As you probably know, we're big fans of director and long-time meditator, David Lynch. His foundation just released this one-minute video in which...

Jason Wachob
June 9 2010

Russell Brand & Howard Stern On Transcendental Meditation

I knew that comedian Russell Brand was a big fan of yoga, but had no idea he also practiced Transcendental Meditation. (He says it helped him when he...

June 2 2010