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7 Feng Shui Tips To Spring Clean Your Home & Your Life

In spring, the earth leaps into action. Spring is the season of blooming and sprouting, and the best way to prepare for its arrival is to clear lots...

Dana Claudat
March 13 2014

6 Natural Ways To Look & Feel Younger

Who wouldn’t be interested in more youthful skin, thicker hair, better bone strength, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and improved energy, memory...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
March 12 2014

5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Tongue Scraper

Jihwa Prakshalana, or the Ayurvedic self-care ritual known as tongue scraping, is an an oral hygiene practice.

Gillian Mandich, M.S., PhD
December 19 2013

5 Simple Habits For Healthy Lungs

In alternative medicine, fall is the season of the lungs. Lungs are large organs, taking up the majority of the chest cavity, and are the site of...

Andrea Sarjeant
September 23 2013

5 Ways Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Energize You

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the fall is a time to harvest your energies in preparation for the symbolic death (winter) that's needed before...

Margarita Alcantara, LAc
September 19 2013

What Is Cupping & Will You Love It?

Celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow, her husband Chris Martin, Jennifer Aniston, and Victoria Beckham are all fans of cupping. This ancient technique is...

Jennifer Dubowsky, LAc
September 12 2013

Are Chinese Herbs Toxic?

If you've ever been to see an acupuncturist, odds are even that you had a brush with Chinese herbal medicine. If you didn't take herbs, maybe you saw...

Jason Burke, LAc
June 26 2013

A Fast & Fabulous Feng Shui Home Energy Makeover

When you have a lot to do and no motivation to do it, lack focus or just generally feel a case of “the blahs” coming on, your environment might be a...

Dana Claudat
June 7 2013

5 Simple Choices To Be Your Healthiest Self

When asked about his diet, one of my heroes, Jack LaLanne, who was still in killer shape into his 80s, used to say, “Eat real food!”

The Easiest, Most Effective Spring Cleanse Ever

Spring is here, and all over the place we're clearing out our winter clothes, dressing a little lighter for warmer weather, amping up our exercise...

Aviva Romm, M.D.
April 29 2013

Willpower Won't Help You Eat Better

Many of us have resolved to lose weight or eat better, even though we've failed at these goals in the past. Maybe we had initial success, then a...

Isaac Eliaz, M.D., LAc
April 26 2013

Yes, I'm Eating Meat To Cure My Chronic Illness

I had to ask myself, if it were my mother, father, daughter, son who was facing the obstacles I was, would I think less of them for trying something...

Lauren Burke
April 17 2013

Why We Should Be Vegans AND Carnivores

Human beings are omnivores, which means that (in theory) we can eat just about anything we want! So why do we want to stick to one thing? Why do some...

Elle Griffin
March 18 2013

Release Your Fears With Qigong Meditation

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fear is stored in the kidneys. No doubt this is because the kidneys (and the adrenal glands that sit on top of them)...

Lisa Spillane
February 26 2013

How Acupuncture Can Heal You

Acupuncture has been acknowledged as a safe, sterile, 21st-Century approach to healing.

Phil Veneziano, M.S., LAc
February 15 2013

Tips to Have a Painless Period

Period pain is accepted as a normal part of being a woman, but it’s not actually supposed to be there.

Natalie Kringoudis
November 29 2012