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I Was A Raw Vegan For More Than 3 Years Because I Was Insane

This past weekend I attended a dinner party where the topic of what it means to be healthy came up. I dined with five other guests, two of whom were...

Sami G
February 26 2014

3 Myths About Raw Food Everyone Should Drop

If you've never eaten or even considered a raw food diet before, congratulations for even clicking on the link to this post. Americans are so...

Hayley Hobson
January 1 2014

Vegan Recipe: Raw Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake

From seemingly humble ingredients you probably have stashed in your kitchen cupboard right now, you can make this creamy, dreamy, chocolaty,...

Elizabeth Palmer Starnes
September 20 2013

Raw Recipe: Mind-Blowing Vegan Lasagna

Before I was gluten free, I was a HUGE fan of pasta. But then I went vegan and now try to eat as much raw food as I can. It just makes me feel better.

Hayley Hobson
July 25 2013

Vegan Recipe: Raw Detox Soup

Whether you indulged a little too much on vacation or overdid it at a summer barbecue, sometimes it can be very difficult to get back into the swing...

Ilene Godofsky
July 15 2013

10 Raw Food Staples To Keep You Healthy On A Budget

A lot of people say that a raw vegan diet is too expensive or too complicated. Well, it might look like that to a beginner, but once you get a little...

Osha Key
June 17 2013

How Divorce & Cancer Brought Me To Juicing

I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel when I drink green smoothies, then always wonder why it took me so long to get to this "healing" point....

Sue Ansari
June 8 2013

How A Raw Diet Healed Me + Why You May Like It Too

The story begins with a couple weeks of unexplained bloating and weight gain. I was feeling tired, not as mentally clear and just kind of off. I'd...

Melissa Schollaert
June 5 2013

Raw Recipe: Carrot Cake With Creamy Lemon Icing

The simple, naked truth is that dessert can be good for you; in fact, dessert can fuel your body, nourish your nervous system, cleanse you colon and...

Olivia McFadyen
May 20 2013

Raw Recipe: Indian-Inspired Luscious Ladoos

Growing up, the sweet aroma of Indian desserts often filled my home. Looking back, I can almost taste the goodness.

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.
May 16 2013

Raw Recipe: No-Bake Brownie Bites

One of the hardest things for me to give up whenever I became vegan was all of my favorite sweets. I always tried to find a delicious, vegan,...

Hillary Wright
May 13 2013

Raw Recipe: Lemon-Blueberry Cheesecake

Once you try a raw cheesecake, you'll never believe that it's vegan, dairy-free and raw. They're the most delicious thing I've ever eaten, and I know...

Camilla Thompson
May 13 2013

Raw Recipe: Delicious Detox Pesto

Detoxing doesn't have to be scary. It's about cleansing, renewing and recharging so your body can excrete toxins that don't serve you on a cellular...

Rachel Feldman
May 7 2013

10 Myths That May Be Damaging Your Health

Nothing gets people angrier than getting sick despite making every effort to practice preventative measures and following the advice they're...

Torrie Pattillo
April 4 2013

Why A Raw, Vegan Chef Does NOT Follow A Raw Or Vegan Diet

Today, instead of sharing a recipe, I'm sharing a rant. And I'm sharing it with love in the hopes that if you're struggling at the moment, it helps...

Aimee DuFresne
April 1 2013

7 Tips For Eating Healthy (And Organic) On A Budget

When I first started my own business, I spent months living on a very strict budget. Yet, as a nutrition consultant and wellness coach, it was...

Jovanka Ciares
March 27 2013

5-Minute Raw Chocolate-Chai Recipe

I’m of Indian descent, so it’s only natural that I grew up drinking chai. Chai was a staple in my home — we had it with breakfast, we offered it to...

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.
March 19 2013

3 Simple Ways To Incorporate More Raw Foods In Your Diet

I have tried, and failed miserably, multiple times in my quest to become a raw vegan. I so deeply admire the glowing, vibrant, and energetic people...

Allison Micco
March 19 2013

Why We Should Be Vegans AND Carnivores

Human beings are omnivores, which means that (in theory) we can eat just about anything we want! So why do we want to stick to one thing? Why do some...

Elle Griffin
March 18 2013